To become a Prince(ss)

Is that a new post I smell?

Well, it’s certainly been sometime since my opening post. When I started this blog I had a few ideas for posts that I had been meaning to start but never took the initiative to write them (suffers from lack of motivation and procrastination), though now that I’m feeling in a particularly talkative mood, I decided to talk about a few things that have been on my mind ever since I watched the first episode of Mawaru PeguinDrum.

Let's get this party started!

Other than being completely enthralled by Hoshino Lily’s artwork (the main reason I wanted to check this show out, I loved Otome Youkai Zakuro’s style) I was taken in by the close-nit family these three orphaned siblings constructed, and the devotion and love the brothers’ showed for their sickly sister (being a younger sister myself, I was reminded of my own older brother, who’s always spoiled me more than I probably deserved). Though the ending was a bit surprising, many who were familiar with Ikuhara’s work found the development (while still shocking) not all that surprising coming from the director of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

It wasn’t all that unexpected that people would compare Mawaru PenguinDrum and Utena right from the get go, though little ‘ol me felt a bit left out, for I had never seen Utena. I was familiar with the premise of the show thanks to a friend of mine who is a Utena fanatic, and the similarities it shared with Star driver concerning the episodic duels. However that was not enough, I wanted to know all I could about Utena so I too could understanding the underworkings, similarities and quirks of Ikuhara’s new show.

And that’s were we find ourselves. I’ve recently picked up watching Revolutionary Girl Utena. Just as a forewarning, I’m not some philosophical genius, actually far from it. Mystery stories make me confused, and a show deeper than six feet will probably mess with my brain. Okay, so I’m selling myself short. What I’m trying to say is don’t expect anything deep from me, unless I have an epiphany.

What I want to talk about in particular is the decision Utena made to become a Prince instead of a Princess.

When I was young, I had a bit of an identity crisis. I didn’t want to be a girl; I liked the dirt, sports were important to me and my favorite pastime was playing catch with my father. I dreaded talks with my mother that concerned any of the following words: babies, growing up, and puberty. In a sense I guess you could say I wanted to be a prince. However my reason wasn’t nearly as noble as Utena’s (becoming a prince to protect princesses), it rested on the fact that I was afraid of being a princess. My brother on the other hand, was more feminine than I was; he preferred dolls to action figures, and had a bit of a mullet going on (his attempt at longer hair, though he has since changed, he likes mohawks now).

I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but it was sometime around the end of middle school where I slowly made the transformation into a princess. No, I still don’t like dresses, make-up, or drooling over the next pop-star (anime takes that position), though there are times when I wonder what I would look like it cuter, girly cloths, like skirts and what not. I don’t think it was because I began to like girlier things (particularly fashion and adopted an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness), I think it happened because I began to accept what and who I was, and that was being of the female gender. Now, I don’t mean becoming a princess like Anthy in RGU (*rant* honestly she needs to grow backbone, I know I’m only four episodes in but if she continues to accept all the BS thrown at her with out so much as a “yo dude, you bein’ a bit mean there, could you lighten it up a bit”, I’m gonna go in there myself and show her a piece of my mind *rant*), but more of a Utena style princess. The kind of Princess were I realize my traits as a women but at the same time would rather act like one of those cool swashbuckling princes, because we all know that Princes have more fun.

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