The Little Things

Well, I’ve come to realize a few things about my taste in music and found it a bit interesting, so I decided I would briefly talk about it. To start us off let me introduce you to the Mawaru Penguindrum opening sequence. (sorry ’bout the commercial, the youtube video was taken down)

Overall one would say that it’s a standard opening sequence for an anime, it introduces the characters, displays many of the running themes in the show itself, and has cute penguins. The music itself is interesting, sung by the same person who also did Venus to Jesus, the opening to Arakawa Under the Bridge, (and the oh so addicting Nekomeshi) however other than that it’s a slightly above average opening sequence for an anime. What makes it more pleasing to me personally than probably many others is in the final eight seconds (starting at 1:18) .

I’m not sure why, but those final seconds make this opening sequence so much more awesome. The way Yakushimaru Etsuko voice slowly fades away and the violins play one last string, is completely. . . actually I’m not quite how to describe the sounds and how I perceive them, but to me it’s magical in a sense. How awfully corny, but its true – to me anyway – the final eight seconds make this opening for me.

Ever since I recognized this I’ve noticed other songs were a small snippet of musicality, which tends to last no longer than eight seconds and can be as short as three, can make the entire song for me. I don’t care that the other some odd one hundred eighty seconds are just okay, I’ll listen to that entire song just for that eight seconds.

Some other examples include the third opening song for Blood +

Here, the small inkling of musicality that captivates me is hardly noticeable unless one is searching for it, which happens to be the small inclusion of the piano from 0:11 to 0:16 (and any repeats it has during the chorus).

and also the instert song in Sora no Woto, Servante De Feu

While this entire song is beautiful, the moment I love is from 2:24 to 2:38 (okay so this one is longer than eight seconds but still compared to the entire song it’s short) and if any one can tell me what instrument is playing during those seconds (is it the clarinet or saxophone?) I’d greatly appreciate it.

Do you have any songs where a small portion of the music totally changes your perception of it?

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2 Responses to The Little Things

  1. Leap250 says:

    It is indeed the little things that makes these OP’s awesome. Totally agree with your examples, especially Penguindrum’s (I can’t get that song out of my head >.<)

    This is gonna be a weird example from me, but the chorus part of Highschool of the Dead's OP (the one where the violin enters) is really captivating, it makes me wish it wasn't used for HOTD ^_^

    • I’ve always felt that adding classical instruments to a song (the violin and the piano in particular) always make the song better, but that’s probably just because I love those instruments 😀

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