I always think I’ve seen beauty, that is until I watch a Studio Ghibli film.

I literally have no words, other than where can I find a place like this, so I can pitch a tent and live there forever?

Ah, Studio Ghibli you never cease to amaze me with spectacular animation and breathtaking imagery.

When I had first herd of The Borrower Arrietty in late 2009, my immediate thought was “They’re remaking the disney film about little people who borrow things?” Unbeknownst to me, that movie was actually based upon a book by Mary Nortan. Still, I was excited, for The Borrowers was a movie I enjoyed as a child. However, since at the time it hadn’t even been released in theaters, it quickly drifted from my mind.

About a month ago I saw the UK trailer featuring their english voice cast. Everything about it captured me, the music, the art (though one could say that the character models look like every other movie Studio Ghibli has done), the acting, and I immediatly went searching for it. I was unable to find a video of it (I refused to watch a low quality streaming video) and in the end settled with the fact that I was going to have to wait for the slow but eventual US release. After some time though, I finally figured out how to play .mkv files on my computer (though I’m worried that all the stuff I downloaded will cause my computer to malfunction), and as such was able to watch this film. I’m now more psyched then ever to buy this movie in its high-definition glory. February 2012 can’t come soon enough.

And hopefully it comes with a soundtrack, cause this was one of the most memorable and fit the movie so well. Here’s one of my particular favorites :

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