The Sides of Shyness

It’s finally here, the moment we’ve all (I’ve) been waiting for. Let’s not waste any time gibber-jabberin’ and get right to it.

How I felt when I was finally able to watch this episode.

When starting a new show, I tend to pick a favorite character who I tend to pay more attention to than others. In Hanasaku Iroha, that character happened to be Nako Oshimizu. Now, not many people like shy characters, something I completely understand, especially when they’re horribly overplayed (like the girl from The Idolm@aster) but for the most part its because I understand what they’re going through, being a rather shy person myself. This episode, I think, portrays this concept better than anything else.

Do the parents do anything in this house?

The opening of this episode shows us a different side to Nako that the audience has yet to see. She describes her house as the ocean, a place with familiar things and people she’s known all her life. It’s here that she’s able to be the person who she considers to be her real self. She’s rather outspoken, even to her parents, and appears to do most of the chores around the house, which includes taking care of her siblings and making dinner. It’s only natural that we’re more ourselves when we are around people we know and are comfortable with, but why are some people shy and what makes them that way?

Now, I don’t do as much work as Nako, my brother’s off to college therefore it’s just my parents and I. I take care of the dishes, do laundry, yadda yadda, but once outside the comfort of my home I have an instinctive quality to curl up in my shell and shut up. It takes an incredibly amount of time before I begin to feel comfortable in places I’m not use to, especially when surrounded by people I don’t know. Nako is a little worse off than I am, but I found that I ask myself the same question that she does, “Why do I become another person based on my surroundings and the people I find myself with?”

Many people do this and not just chronically shy people. A normally loud person wouldn’t be that way at work, especially if it meant their job would be at risk. However, work seems to be the exception to this rule, since when you’re at work your not being paid to be someone but to do something. Therefore you make the necessary changes to your personality to get the job done. This is probably why Nako chose to go into the Inn business. Waitress are suppose to be sociable and easy to communicate with, traits that Nako wants to possess. She wants to take what she learns from work in hopes that it will change herself to become like person she is at home, just merely in a different setting. (Though according the that raise, she doesn’t need to change at all)

this episode has some beautiful scenery (though the camera liked to focus on a certain part of Nako's anatomy)

My guess is that shyness is a way to cope with unfamiliar things. Some people choose to confront things head on while others close themselves off and hope that whatever it is disappears or leaves them alone. Becoming shy closes you off to people and when people find it hard to communicate with you, they usually just leave you to yourself. Then there are people who are like Ohana, who continuously acknowledge that shy person, and if that person wants to change (like Nako for example), they’ll eventually open up.

And now onto the rest of the episode!

Queen of funny faces

Yuina was quite hilarious in this episode, whether it was her trying to become one of hosts of ‘What not to Wear” and telling Nako how not to waste her body or how she told the men who hit on the group to go die of thirst or her statement that “Money is meant to be spent!” (not all people are as well off as you are, little missy)

Too bad we're not all that lucky

Ohana also had her moments too, but the best thing that came out of her mouth was this:

You look surprised?

Besides possibly Yuina, Nako is the best looking one out of the group. I guess in some anime, boys look for two things: how a girl dresses and her attitude. Shy and gorgeous doesn’t cut it, she got to dress like the run of the mill fashion savvy girl in order to get the guy. Whatever, Nako’s better off waiting until after high school anyways.

Let’s end this post with one of the cutest things you’ll ever see:

I don't think they sell these at the pet store.

(‘Cause I like to complain: why was this only one episode? Enishi is a minor character and he had three episodes for character development, which only ended up making me dislike him more. Nako seriously got gipped)

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2 Responses to The Sides of Shyness

  1. Justin says:

    But Nako is a more relevant character^^ Seriously, this is Enishi’s only time to be an important character!

    Also, apparently you also have to have a nice bust size in order to be sexy too!

    • Oh, that’s right! How could I forget the obvious? That should be number 1. (though Nako’s never publicly been asked on a date until now, so in the Hanasaku Iroha universe maybe bust size isn’t all that jazz)

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