Ping Seven (Mawaru Penguindrum 6)

Whoa, and here I thought that there wouldn’t be anything disturbing enough that could match episode 19 of Steins;Gate (granted that’s on its own level of disturbing but Penguindrum comes pretty close).


I have no idea what’s in those memory slingshot bullet things, but I certainly would not like to get hit by one. It seems this Ping Seven group supplies most of our cast. They’re the ones that gave Himari, Kanba, and Sho the penguins, and most likely their the ones giving Natsume her memory erasing slingshot ammo, given their logo is stamped right on the front. The flashback from last episode lead me to believe that the Takakura parents (or at the very least their father) works for Ping Seven, if not, than a subsection of that group called Kiga, based upon the jacket their father wears in episode five. Or, perhaps Ping Seven and Kiga are rival companies since their logos are slightly different.

Ping Seven Logo

The Ping Seven logo is seen on the box that housed the frozen penguins, which was sent to the Takakura household (and is also the logo for the hospital). If they are indeed different from the Kiga company, then its likely the Takakura siblings did not receive the penguins as a gift from their absent parents like I previously thought, unless their mother works for Ping Seven as opposed to Kiga.

Kiga logo

Perhaps that’s why their parents had a falling out, since it was hinted that they’re still alive. Working for rival companies would strain a relationship (I guess…?).

One word: Badass

Now, the Kiga logo is also seen on Natsume’s memory erase slingshot ammo, however the penguin she is seen with at the end of the episode could mean that she is using the Kiga company but is actually in line with the Queen Penguin company (name subject to change).

the penguin...

... and the logo in question

This is the only logo which we have yet to see used in the show itself (unless I missed it). Not only is this related to the penguin Natsume apparently has in her possesion, but it also (based on the opening) has some relation to Mistress Penguin, her hat in particular.

When you look at all the logos in question there’s something about their design that suggests what type of company they are. Ping Seven’s logo is mostly white, which reflects the type of work they do – helping the siblings by giving them the penguins and their connection to the hospital. The Kiga logo is equal parts black as it is white and while we’ve only seen their logo on two things, the slingshot ammo and on the Takakuras Father’s jacket, I wouldn’t consider them bad . . . yet. As for the last Logo, its completely black but there’s really nothing as of yet that we can relate back to this unknown company.

Why haven’t I talked about Ringo? Well despite the fact that she continues to irritate me (and continues to take up Himari’s screen time! *shakes fist*), I figured that other bloggers would focus on her issues (which after the background info dump this week, felt a bit contrived, are they hoping to garner sympathy points? Well it’s not working on me), so I decided to write about something else. Though her story seems familiar. . . wasn’t there a girl in Air TV who had the same problem?

(rewatching episode five, I have an inkling that the ‘he’ Asami spoke if is actually the pink haired dude. Natsume would have no objection to Asami seeing Kanba, right? I mean they already know each other, so what other character have we not yet seen that would require Natsume to act like that? Therefore, I’m beginning to believe that Natsume works under the pink haired dude.)

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3 Responses to Ping Seven (Mawaru Penguindrum 6)

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  2. Justin says:

    Hmm…I wonder if I should have re-watched episode five to remember some stuff…two weeks really can make a person forget! Though I did remember some stuff!

    I had actually not thought of the logo thing–it’s good that you pointed that out!

    • Nishimura says:

      Yeah, I agree, especially with a show like Penguindrum. There’s a lot of little things to forget about in two weeks.

      As for the logos, I like to pay attention to the little things, but they usually tend to not have any meaning. Maybe this time will be different.

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