Ikoku Meiro no Croisee 8 – Those Childhood Dreams

Oh, Happy days are here again. No really, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee has begun to catch up with Mawaru Penguindrum as my most anticipated each week. Is it because of the sexy drama between Camille and Claude? Maybe . . . (who am I kidding, of course it is)

Oh, can't you just feel the tension?! *romance fangirl squee* Ahem....

Basically for those who have already read the manga, nothing extremely dramatic happened, though the anime did include some interesting little tidbits that I would like to talk about in a bit more detail.

The idea of freedom is brought up several times in this episode, and like I said during episode six, Camille doesn’t really believe in freedom. Well, at least not when its related to the idea of love and high society, for she tells Alice rather bluntly:

Unlike her sister, Alice does harbor dreams of marrying someone fore love (not that I’m saying Camille doesn’t, her sister is just more verbal about her desires), the freedom to choose is important to her. I’m unsure whether or not she’ll actually get her way – even if she is rather stubborn – but whoever her suitors are, they will have quite the challenge. Now, running away (something that will most likely be brought up in next week’s episode) is something I can see Alice doing. Given how much she adores Yune, I wouldn’t put it past her.

Camille’s response to her sister’s dislike of Societies standards is actually quite interesting. “Just enjoy it as if it were a game.” she says. . .

Camille, please, try not to make it so obvious you don’t like where your life is going if you have no intention of trying to change it (not that I’m one to talk, I probably wouldn’t try either). Yes, it’ll be difficult, a pain in the ass, and everyone will be gossiping about your elopement with a hot iron worker – which will end up ruining your family’s name – but come on. If life gives you lemons find someone you don’t like and squeeze it in their eye make lemonade. It’ll be the cheap lemonade, your not marryin’ into any money there sweetie, but you’ll be happy.

turn that frown upside down 😀

Okay, I’ll stop talking to an a 2D character now. Not to mention I forgot my point. . . Ah, I remember: childhood dreams.

The flashback that showcased Alice telling her sister about a meeting of two girls, who then go in search of cool things, tells you quite a bit about Camille. Her childlike excitement about being able to freely travel the world and see wondrous things is probably still harbored somewhere inside her. It’s not really something you lose, it’s something you cover with “now’s not the time” “there’s too much to do” and “I can’t”. Right now, Camille’s stuck in the mindset of “I can’t”, unaware because of Society that she can do what she wants, it’s just that there will be consequences because of her social standing. What she needs to figure out is what will ultimately make her happy in the end. If happy means marrying someone you don’t know, hoping that you can learn to love them and that they will grow to love you in return (this isn’t even guaranteed), then she’s set on the right track.

But with a face like that, you ain't foolin' nobody, little missy.

(Soundtrack comes out the 24th, haazaa! Oh, and if what I read about the next episode is correct, she better make the right decision dammit)

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