Oh No He Didn’t (Mawaru PenguinDrum 8)

If I wasn’t sure about Sho and Ringo’s growing disfunctional relationship, I sure as hell am now. Nothing changes a girl’s mind like sacrificing your life for her. Hopefully she can snap out of her crazy streak to realize she’s got a better man standing right next to her.

What I’m not sure I understand or not is this:

Either Ringo sees what I see, (the brothers not paying attention to their sister because they’re running around trying to save her while acting like everything is normal, which it’s NOT) or she’s making the blatant assumption that the brothers do not actually care for their sister and are simply just trying to keep up appearances.

However that would also make Ringo a hypocrite, since she says that she’s doing this all for her family’s sake and has hardly interacted with her parents because she’s focused all her attention on trying to get herself pregnant with Tabuki’s child. In the words of Ronald Weasly, “She needs to sort out her priorities.”

That's right Himari, you take out those good for nothin' brothers and become the hero!

Glad to see that Himari is feeling better. Hopefully now she can finally start doing something or, maybe, we can finally learn something about Mistress Penguin other than the fact that she has a rather foul mouth.

Oh, whenever Himari wears her hair like that, she looks an awful lot like Hagumi from Honey and Clover.

I’m almost interested enough about Natsume’s project M that I might be willing to scour the dictionary’s M section to perhaps get a clue on what her plan might be. It might be Murder because she keeps talking about getting rid of someone. . .Then again, It’s probably way to early to be guessing.

A woman? Is it Celty? (I have not yet watched Durarara but it certainly looks like her)

Well, you can tell from this screenshot that the diary snatcher is a woman. Is it somebody we know? Actually it’s probably someone from that company. Why? The logo relates to both Natsume (who happens to own a penguin with similar features) and Mistress Penguin (based on the opening the logo is directly related to her – well her hat). As of now, only Mistress Penguin knows of the Diary, which is why I’m assuming it’s that company’s doing, though I do think that Nastume knows more than what is shown.

(Watch, there probably isn’t really a third company and I’ll end up looking like an idiot)

Is he dead? What a minute, is he going to get a Penguin hat too?!

Damn Cliffhangers. Who wants to make bets that the pink haired dude was in the car that hit Sho? Actually I take that back, I don’t have any money.

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3 Responses to Oh No He Didn’t (Mawaru PenguinDrum 8)

  1. Justin says:

    I would rather make a bet that this might have been the last time we’ve seen Shoma. Maybe. But alas, I also don’t have any money-_-

    • Nishimura says:

      To kill off a main character like that would take some serious guts. He’ll probably end up in a coma or something at the most. Then again, anything could happen in a show like this.

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