Usagi Drop 9 – Him and Her

If you're man enough to hold an umbrella for her, then you're man enough to ask her out, dammit.

I guess being chronically shy towards love isn’t just a disease that’s sweeping through the teenage population of Japan, but the adults as well. Maybe it’s something people don’t grow out of…?

Nah, I’m just kidding. Daikichi and Yukari are obviously just conservative adults that aren’t quite sure what to do with each other considering their circumstances. Actually, I find it funny that they blush more often than their children do. Though, that’s probably because Rin and Kouki don’t quite think about roses and chocolates yet. When their not actively thinking about themselves and what might consequently develop from a relationship, it’s amazing how much they look like a family. I’d be wouldn’t lying if I said that Daikichi and Yukari are just about the cutest anime couple to come around in recent years (well if they actually were a couple, that is). They just seem to fit so well together.

awkward moment #2 and you're only just beginning dinner.

I find it rather refreshing watching romance between adults. There’s no childish stuttering or the completely red face, instead there’s this certain sophistication in their interactions that make a kind of slow show like Usagi drop always interesting and satisfying to watch. Not to mention there’s hardly any misunderstandings involved.

this moment made me go awww.

Yeah, Kouki takes his mothers hand a bit begrudgingly, but it shows that he really does love his mother despite her being ‘an old lady’. She might scold him a few times for acting out and he might be a bit too rambunctious sometimes, but when it counts I bet he’s all his mother could ask for.

This is what makes their parent/child relationship slightly more interesting than Diakichi and Rin’s (even if we don’t see Yukari as much as we see Kouki). So far Rin has yet to do something that has upset Diakichi to the point of disciplining her. It’s kind of like he’s her friend more than her caretaker – I’m not saying they can’t be both though. I guess Japan just raises well behaved kids.

Come on, Daikichi, that's obviously a shy "I like you smile"

This whole scene was gold. It probably was the combination of the heartwarming scene of Kouki taking his mother’s hand, as well as Yukari’s surprise at finding Daikichi standing next her holding an umbrella. Usagi drop may not be the best animated show this season, especially when it comes to faces, but it sure does the most with the simplistic style.

Here’s hoping for an anime unique ending.

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