Let’s Go Deeper (Mawaru Penguindrum 9)

Could it be? Did I really just watch an episode of Mawaru Penguindrum without Ringo? Was this really an episode all about Himari and a sexy pink haired librarian who’s actually a guy? Well, it’s about freakin’ time!

This guy just renewed my love for long haired Bishounen. God, could this guy be any more feminine?

I’ve been waiting for this episode for a long long time.  Though I do admit, I was actually looking forward to seeing what would happen between Sho and Ringo, but I have no qualms waiting a week if this is the result.

Though, I hope they don’t use this episode as an excuse to push Himari off to the side for another couple of weeks. The ball’s rollin’ so I hope it stays that way.

I see what you did there.

Anyone else get some serious Utena vibes from this episode? This whole episode was like an extended version of the elevator scenes from the black rose saga. The further down Himari went the more information we were given about her past. However, unlike those who rode the elevator in Utena, the audience never learns the truth of Himari’s thoughts and desires. I seriously doubt it was just to reconcile with the memories of her old friends, especially after the weird child broiler scene.

Actually, this whole scene made me think of reincarnation and the idea that fated lovers will always meet again. At first I thought these two children weren’t Himari and some boy, but past lives these two souls had shared, one of which is now Himari’s.

Perhaps it was the Child Broiler sign (damn that’s creepy) that made me think they were characters we actually didn’t know.  After all, I don’t think anything that goes through a broiler, be it children, food, whatever, will come out alive. Plus, Himari doesn’t actually remember who this boy is, she finds the memory familiar but is unable to actually recall it entirely. But that’s just an idea, I’m probably nowhere near the truth.

Then you go and bring this into the picture, and the subtle inkling that this Sanetoshi dude wants to marry Himari. This is also a rather blatant homage to Utena. The rose bride and now the Bride of Fate? Do I see epic duels on the horizon?

(As a little aside, I loved the song that was playing throughout this scene. Who knew Himari’s voice actress could sing?)

Like that's not weird or anything...

This whole episode sort of had a creepy vibe now that I think about it. Even during the flashback of when Himari was in the hospital with her mother. In one instant Himari’s mother has this somewhat desperate crazed look on her face that made me wonder if there was something else to her character. It’s probably nothing though.

I admired the devotion of Himari’s friends when they learned of what happened to Himari’s mother, but when you look at that way, why hadn’t they stuck with Himari when she needed them the most? I find it hard to believe that they would just abandon her like that. Perhaps there was someone who was pulling the strings behind the scenes who didn’t want them to be together. But then I would have to ask: Why?

He may be a bit too old for you right now Himari, but just think, in a few years you'd be one stunning couple.

If Himari is actually the reincarnation of that little girl we saw, then could Sanetoshi be the boy reincarnated? It’s kind of apparent that he knows who Himari is and what she’s become. It also seemed like he was the one responsible for giving the penguins to the Takakura siblings and let’s not forget about this:

So this is the ultimate penguin company...

(The final logo has appeared! Quick, catch it before it runs away!) I guess this means that Natsume is in line with the pink haired dude and if the preview is anything to go by, there may be a confrontation between her and Kanba. That will be quite interesting to watch.

Also, considering all this technically happened during episode one, and taking into account Sanetoshi stated he would meet Himari again in ‘the other world’ (which I’m assuming is the living world), he might actually be the person who hit Sho. They could even call this ‘fate’ if he is indeed the boy who was with Himari in the Child Broiler (perhaps it’s actually the boy who is her soulmate, if it’s not Sanetoshi). Imagine if Sho died as a result, then the fate that tied Himari and Sanetoshi (or whoever that boy is) together would be the cause of it all. I bet Himari didn’t see that coming when she took the apple from that boy.

(Looking at it now, the boy offering her an apple as fate could be related to the idea of Eve taking the apple from the snake. This moment is also the exact opposite of what the statues standing outside the library portray. In that instance, the man is hiding the apple, while the woman is actively seeking it.)

No! Don't go towards the light - I mean - don't go towards the freaky looking door!

I must say, this episode was quite the artistic spectacle. It was very simplistic but it still felt like this episode was jam packed with all sorts of interesting and captivating visuals. The little balls of light were such a simple background but boy did it add to those moments between Sanetoshi and Himari.

I couldn’t have asked for a better episode.

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