Survival Strategy (Mawaru Penguindrum 10)

You dug yourself right into that one, Kanba.

But, the last thing you want to do, Himari, is to give Kanba that idea...

But the worst thing you could do, Himari, is give him any ideas.

 Another enjoyable episode, even if there was no pink haired man and Himari was pushed off to the side. Glad to see that the writers haven’t forgotten about Kanba’s incestuous feelings towards his sister, which was brought up in episode one and was left to dangle perpetually on a plot string until now. Not that it was solved or anything. I’m beginning to wonder how they’re going to wrap all this up. The show is starting to ask more questions than it answers. I have hope, there’s still fourteen episodes left.

There was also some more great art directing in this episode, particularly this rooftop laundry scene. I’ve always wondered why anime characters never dry any of their colored cloths on the line. Perhaps the sunlight drains the colors from the shirts or something. In all seriousness though, the white sheets have to mean something. Could it be that its meant to display some type of surrender?

the moment Masako threw away the night vision goggles and hurled herself at Kanba made me think that perhaps her Project M isn’t all that different from Ringo’s. It’s obvious her scheme involves him in some way, and if her plan was indeed to ‘crush’ Kanba, then why did she kiss him instead?

When you take into account her statements at the end of the episode, about her never letting her ‘prey’ escape, you could potentially view it in the same light as how Ringo pursues Tabuki. I’m almost sure that Masako’s aware that Kanba and his brother are trying to acquire the diary for their sister, perhaps she’s seeking it for the exact same reasons. Her brother could also be ‘dead’ in a sense, and this ‘acquire the Penguin Drum’ could be like some type of arms race between the two families.

Well, Sanetoshi may be a bit too old for Himari, but this kid may be a bit too young.

Speaking of Masako’s brother, Mario certainly got the short end of the stick when it came to penguin costumes. Though he could be hiding one fabulous get up under that big black cloak of his. This survival strategy nonsense kind of makes me think that the ‘penguin overlords’ or whatever are attempting to pair off Himari and this little shrimp (Himari being the bride of fate, and he – presumably – being the groom of fate, based upon the crown on his hat). If he is indeed sickly, then that would create quite the contradiction between the animal kingdom term of survival of the fittest, wouldn’t it? Actually, now that I think about, basically all of the pairings in this show go against the survival of the fittest. Inbreeding leads to some serious health issues, and if you pair two sick people together then more often than not, the kid will be sickly too.

This whole Survival Strategy scheme just seems so odd, why would Sanetoshi (whom I’m assuming is the mastermind behind all this) want to bring these people together?

They're watching you...

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3 Responses to Survival Strategy (Mawaru Penguindrum 10)

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  2. ele-ene-ene says:

    las sábanas blancas alineadas al sol pueden indicar también la memoria borrada “en blanco”

    • Nishimura says:

      That’s very interesting, I never thought of it that way. Though I wonder who would be the ‘blank sheet’ in Mawaru Penguindrum. The only one I can think of is Himari since you could still label her as a bit naive. but even that’s not completely true. Perhaps, in relation to when they are shown, maybe we’re suppose to relate it to either Masako or Kanba?

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