Mary and the Lambs (Mawaru Penguindrum 12)

We’ve finally hit the halfway mark and Mawaru Penguindrum shows no sign of slowing down.

Mary and her lambs...

I’m beginning to think that even though I rewatch every episode, I’m still not catching everything this show’s trying to throw at me. Every time I do catch something, I forget about something else. It’s like a never-ending cycle of catch and release.

Anyway, this episode we were introduced to the nursery rhyme “Mary and the little Lamb”. I found it odd at first that the silhouette of Mary was a guy, but after further thought I began to make some sense out of it. The likeness of the three lambs to our favorite siblings is most likely no coincidence, which would make Mary their father (which is kind of odd given the fact that they have a mother after all). It’s somewhat of a given that we assume that their father loved them, after all he is their father, however the tree (which could so far represent three things: his work, his wife, or the environment) is also something he deeply cares for apparently. However, foolish Mary thinks he can get away with doing an immoral act, and in the end is punished for his misdeed. The Punishment? The sacrifice of his youngest child.

I find it somewhat funny that, in a well written story like this, it’s always the innocent one that ends up being the sacrifice for another person’s wrong doing. Is it safe to assume that it was because of their parents actions that Himari is being punished by fate? It certainly seems like it. This whole ordeal seems somewhat like a trick from the devil. In this case though, the devil’s messengers are black rabbits rather than a snake. Let’s think for a second that perhaps his work is some sort of group who believes in superior beings, hence the Survival strategy. ‘No one but the strongest may live and we must weed out all those who are inferior’ type of business. I never expected that they’d make the parents the ‘bad guys’ but this could be just a red herring. Perhaps they (though we still don’t know the role their mother played in all this) were being forced against their will? Though, the look on their father’s face when he gave the orders looked anything but remorseful.

(At the time this is taking place though, Himari has yet to be born. Perhaps his wife was caught in the crossfire by accident and as a result Himari was born with a disease. On another note, anyone else notice the subtle humming of ‘Mary had a little lamb’ while Shouma was talking? It was kind of creepy but oh so appropriate.)

What an interesting scene this was, and boy did they lay on those sexual undertones or what. The fact that The Princess of Crystal refuses to acknowledge Shouma as a potential life supplying candidate either means she and Kanba have quite the interesting relationship or she feels that Shouma wouldn’t be able supply her the necessary amount of ‘life’. In fact, perhaps only Kanba can be this ‘sacrifice’ because he loves her in a romantic way, while Shouma – even though he won’t admit it – is somewhat already in love with Ringo. At least in that way all those references to the ‘first love’ and ‘first kiss’ make sense if we assume that Himari was the first person Kanba ever fell in love with. (was it just me or was did the stripping scene this time round seem like it was overtly sexual? It felt way more voyeuristic and not in the fanservicey way.)

They do realize they're siblings right?

I’m beginning to think that Kanba isn’t in love with his sister in ‘that’ way in the very literal sense of the word incest. To me he seems far more interested in the Princess of Crystal than just Himari, whom he does still love a little bit too much. But still, he doesn’t look anything like the person in the above screenshot. Perhaps he’s just not showing it, but his love for Himari seems very puppy like, while his interest in The Princess of Crystal carries more than just that pure love. As a matter of fact, we only learn of his feelings for his sister after the first Survival Strategy.

Again, there’s some great art direction in this episode. The crumbling world of the Princess of Crystal was quite the spectacle, and the almost moon like lighting gave the whole scene a very ethereal feeling. (I’ve been trying to figure out what the above screenshot reminds me of. . . it’s either another scene in an anime or a painting, though I can’t quite remember)

seizon senryaku shimashouka?

(As an aside, can anyone tell me who and why they decided that Penguin Himari was called the Princess of Crystal? That name hasn’t even been mentioned at all. If she was a princess then shouldn’t her name be the Princess of Fate?)

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5 Responses to Mary and the Lambs (Mawaru Penguindrum 12)

  1. Justin says:

    …It just turned out that way. DO NOT ASK INFINITESIMAL QUESTIONS–

    Actually, I’m pretty sure it was Ep.9 that the Princess of The Crystal was formed. I think. Ok, I’m not too sure…

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