Fate (Mawaru Penguindrum 13)

She's alive! . . . again. . .

I guess there was really no question on whether or not Himari would come back from the dead, but rather how she would do it. I’m glad that she’s not dead, but what does that mean for the Princess of Crystal? It appears the penguin hat is no longer needed. . . or is it?

The suitcases intrigued me. The fact that the pass code was 001 and that Sanetoshi stated that there were countless others who could also use this medicine, brings me to believe there are many other broken families going through similar circumstances, Masako and Mario included. What Kanba doesn’t seem to understand, however, is that his love for his sister will kill him someday. If he keeps giving up his life for her, it’ll probably lead him to be sucked dry, which will then lead to both him and Himari biting the dust. After all, it seems as if fate wants Himari dead.


Sanetoshi is one badass dude, let me tell you and probably one of my favorite characters this year (Mistress Penguin/Himari is also included). His idea of fighting fate may be a futile one, but what makes him so interesting is how much he’s willing to put the Takakura family through in order to achieve his goal. At first I thought the person he loved was Himari, but he’d never subject the person he loved to continuously dying because fate had already predetermined her death (then again, maybe he would). But when that little girl with the pink hair showed up I immediately thought of one person, like probably many other people:


Here’s my theory: After dying sixteen years ago, Momoka found herself in Sanetoshi’s library. Based on Sanetoshi’s monologue, she was probably his first visitor which led to him developing an unhealthy love for her (What is it with him and young girls?). Most likely, Momoka probably had no qualms with dying, and in that way rejected Sanetoshi and his world, leaving him alone again. As a result he turned her into a hat, so that she would be forever immortalized within it (Isn’t it funny how he tells it to watch them and the hat actually has eyes?).

If Sanetoshi’s beloved really is the hat then that begs to question who exactly is Himari’s alter ego? It is just another form of herself or is it perhaps Momoka speaking through Himari? And the questions keep on comin’ but, man, does this show know how to get me excited for the next episode.

P.S I absolutely LOVE the new ending; the art, music, everything. When will Triple H reunite? Who’s hands are those and why is Himari reaching towards them? Does any of this even mean anything at all??

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4 Responses to Fate (Mawaru Penguindrum 13)

  1. Justin says:

    But, but, the ending is not quite that new–it was in Ep.9 😀

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