The Ties That Bind (Mawaru Penguindrum 14)

It’s official. Yuri is now part of the ever-expanding group of characters in Mawaru Penguindrum that can be considered, for lack of  a better word, crazy. To make matters worse (or better?), Momoka is the cause for Yuri’s insecurities. Now that I think about it, every single character in this show now has ties, in some way or another, to this enigma of a character.

It was only a matter of time before we learned more about Yuri, and I bet it didn’t come off as much of a shock that she was indeed the one who had stolen half of the diary. What was shocking however are her reasons for doing so. In no way did it cross my mind that Yuri even knew about Momoka, let alone had strong feelings for her like Tabuki. Assuming Yuri is the same age as Tabuki, I wonder how they developed such strong feelings for someone at such a young age. In a way, she’s exactly like Ringo. Yuri just does a way better job at securing her object of desire than Ringo ever could. If anyone was wondering where the lesbians had disappeared to in Ikuhara’s new project, they’re back (Probably should have guessed it from her name).

(something tells me Yuri is going to be a lot better at this binding thing than that guy in Hanasaku Iroha)

Poor Ringo, not only was she drugged, bound, and soon to be raped (reap what you sow right?), but earlier that day Shouma basically kicked her in the gut and threw her to the curb. Way to be self absorbed. Ringo’s finally learning how to be herself around others and he’s got to go and do something stupid. Could he really be that ashamed of his parents?

Actually, I bet he feels like its his own fault. It’s like he’s taken it on himself to shoulder the atrocities his parents supposedly committed.  However, were they even guilty to begin with?

Well, it doesn’t look like Himari’s aware that her doctor is someone she’s met before. All in due time, hopefully (I’m still waiting for Himari’s arc, she’s now the character we know the least about thanks to this Yuri centered episode).

“No one would be happy to receive a scarf from me.” – Kanba would beg to differ but he’s currently occupied in some shady business deal to keep you alive.

I thought she was actually making Kanba a scarf until she mentioned she was planning on giving these to her Triple H band mates. That is until she convinced herself she wasn’t good enough and threw them away. I hope we’ll be able to see Triple H together, but if Himari keeps this pessimism up at least Sanetoshi won’t die of hypothermia.

They call me Mr. Fabulous!

(I was a bit sad they changed the ending, I loved Grey Wendesday, but this new one is slowly growing on me)

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