It’s Okay to Go (Mawaru Penguindrum 17)

This week's episode was brought to you by Penguin's Coffee (aka Starbucks)

So, it looks like Himari’s feeling a bit better thanks to the mysterious medicine that ‘Doctor’ Sanetoshi is giving her (I wonder what it’s made out of?). However, she isn’t quite out of the blue yet for the Princess of Crystal kindly reminds our heroes that there is a job to be done. Too bad she’s not too keen on giving hints.

There’s a bit off a role reversal here compared to episode 12. Though I’m sure most of you remember back in episode 12 it was Kanba who was urging the Princess of Crystal to take what was needed from him no matter what the cost, but now it seems as if he’s going into denial or has taken on the “I’m not worthy” mind-set. I wonder what caused him to start doubting himself? I honestly thought he’d never let anything get in the way of him saving Himari. I guess he just believes he no longer has anything to give the Princess of Crystal that would help his situation.

The Princess of Crystal on the other hand seems to have renewed faith in Kanba. If she no longer needs his life (She’s getting that from the medicine right?), than why continue the survival strategy? Or does the survival strategy allude more towards finding the penguindrum rather than supplying Himari with life, so now it’s just something Kanba and the Princess of Crystal do for old times sake?

From what she says to Kanba, I’m thinking that perhaps Kanba may himself be the penguindrum for Himari (i.e. he wants to change her fate specifically) while the Diary was Momoka’s because she wished to change everyone’s fate. In that way there’s an infinite amount of penguindrums, one just needs to find the right one to change their fate.

Last but not least, Himari’s fear here (as well as her monologue during the preview) brings to light a few things. It’s been stated several times that Kanba and Shouma may be prolonging Himari’s life when she is in fact ready to move on. She looks unnaturally content with the information she’s hearing in the above scene, almost as if she’s expecting it. You could kind of think of her as a ghost that has unfinished business to attend to and therefore can’t move on. I bet all she needs to know is that her brother’s are happy and she’d be fine with dying.

“I know already, so please stop suffering for me.” is what she says during the preview and if that doesn’t say she knows more than she let’s on than I don’t know what does.

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