And She Became the Savior (Mawaru Penguindrum 18)

It looks like Madoka has some competition.

If the other characters’ constant praise didn’t tip you off, then this episode will surely get you thinking.

Quick question: What is the first thing that you think of when you see the picture above? And no, the answer is not peaches. I found it odd that Momoka remained in this pose for an unnatural amount of time but then it dawn on me. She’s evoking the image of Christ when nailed to the cross.

In my 2D synthesis class (yes more college related crap) we were talking about composition and how viewpoint is key to making the viewer feel certain things. My professor used the example of Citizen Kane (never seen the movie myself), and how to make the main character larger than life, the film crew actually cut a hole in the floor for the camera to make the protagonist appear larger than life. It makes the viewer feel small compared to the figure on screen. However, this is not only used in movies but in religion as well.

When walking into a church, the altar of Christ is never eye level with the patron, one must always look up at the image of Christ. In Mawaru Penguindrum, Momoka is presented in that way as well, both figuratively and literally. In this very scene Tabuki is not only seen looking up at Momoka who is standing upon a dias but he also looks up to her because she gives him hope to live.

“Momoka was supposed to be our. . . No, The savior of human kind”

Momoka also quite literally takes upon the sins of humans by altering people’s fate. She also takes on that punishment without wanting anything in return. Quite the selfless savior, isn’t she?

In a comment on, It was brought to my attention that perhaps Himari was the reincarnation of Momoka based upon the meeting of the young girl and boy in child boiler way back in episode 9. If Momoka is God, now that she has passed away, then her return – in Himari – would mark the return of Jesus, as well as the judgement day, right? While Himari may not be as self-sacrificing as Momoka, she is willing to die for her brothers’ sake. But, then again, that’s all just speculation.

It does not seem like this is going to end well for our three siblings. With all the side character’s backstories out of the way now, it seems we may finally get some more information on Himari (pfft like that’ll happen), who or what exactly this penguin hat actually is and will Kanba actually be able to save his sister from her fate. Only time will tell.

(Despite not mentioning Ringo in this post, I think I may have finally grown to like her. The moment between her and Shouma was one of the most touching scenes this year. Shouma better stop rolling in self guilt to recognize there is somebody who loves him despite what he believes is unforgivable)

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