That Empty Feeling (Mawaru Penguindrum 20)

How we wish to remain in those days when we lay beneath the warmth of the sunlight.

Flashback episode! Himari and Sho really took the spotlight in this episode. Not like they really had a challenge, they were so freakin’ cute. With only four episodes left, I am beginning to wonder how exactly our dysfunctional family of characters will end up. Are their fates really set within stone, or do they have the power to change the rough hand god had dealt them?

Earlier today, while waiting for the episode to air, I watched the ONA called Time of Eve. It was quite good, if I do say so myself, but what I found particularly interesting was how it dealt with the feeling of emptiness and its uncanny relation to this episode of Mawaru Penguindrum. Time of Eve states that people are born empty, in other words without a heart, but as they grow life fills the void of emptiness within people, giving them a heart.

During Himari’s talk with Sanetoshi, they discuss how love is all about the relationship between the chaser and runner. Himari, however, is worried that love is futile if the person chasing will never be able to attain love, making it a ‘fruitless’ endeavor. Sanetoshi  agrees but then suggests that ‘isn’t kissing enough?’. Himari replies in the negative, explaining that if she kept on giving kisses she’ll only end up empty.

Love can be seen as giving away one’s heart, right? So, if we mesh together the aspects of Time of Eve and Mawaru Penguindrum, people grow up filling themselves with heart all in anticipation for the day they offer that heart to the person they love. If that love is accepted/reciprocated, by giving one would also be receiving. If not then the ‘chaser’ is continuously giving without receiving anything in return, and as a result they will end up empty. Looking at that way, it’s easy to see why Himari’s hesitant to take upon the role of the chaser, it’s the role that offers the most risks.

Also I have to wonder, when a character states this is all just ‘hypothetical’ more often than they are speaking about themselves. If that’s the case, does that mean Himari is speaking of Shouma? I guess that would seem fruitless, since it would be obvious enough to anyone that he likes Ringo and she likes him in return. However, both Himari and Shouma seem to think that there is no avoiding it because they’re soul mates. But, where does that leave Kanba?

aaaaand we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz.

Anyway, we were also treated to some answers this episode. It appears that the child broiler may be a real place that makes unwanted children disappear, and if that is true then I’m guessing it’s in the building across the playground from the Takakura house, or it could be purely imagintive, there’s really no way to tell, though I tend to take things literally. However when questions are answered, other’s arise. Why was Himari abondoned by her mother? Why isn’t Kanba keeping Shouma in the loop? What will it take to destroy the Child Broiler? Hopefully we’ll get those answers in the coming weeks.

(On an aside, I actually found this episode to be the most emotionally wrenching. Maybe it was the kitten or how desperate Shouma was in trying to save Himari, but it definitely got to me. Oh and the music this episode, especially during Shouma’s rescue of Himari in the child broiler, was amazing.)

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