Think Outside the Box (Mawaru Penguindrum 23)

We must break the world's shell!

Whenever someone tells me to “Think outside the box,” I have a habit of responding, “I quite like my box, thanks.” I mean it as a joke, but in all honesty, I actually mean it in a literal sense too. I’m not one for change, after all, anything that’s a shift in the norm throws me for a loop. For some odd reason I just have a hard time dealing with it.

With that in mind, I couldn’t possibly imagine what would be going through my head if I was in Shouma’s position. Not only does it seem like he is the least likely person who should be in charge of this ‘operation’ to save Kanba, he’s really got no choice in the matter. Talk about a world on your shoulders…

Throughout Mawaru Penguindrum, it was Kanba who was given the take charge role in the plot, after all he took it upon himself to change Himari’s fate. However, right now Shouma is the one who has taken on the most important role and I’m really interested to see how he deals with his new found determination.

I nominate this as the most beautiful scene of 2011. Go on, I dare you to say otherwise.

I absolutely loved this scene. It was basically the exact opposite of all of the ‘survival strategy’ sequences with the Princess of Crystal and Kanba. In a sense you could relate it to sincerity and honesty. Himari here, unlike the Princess of Crystal, tells Shouma exactly what she wants him to do. She tells him to ignore her so he can go save Kanba, who happens to be the person who needs to be ‘found’ more than she does. And despite the fact that Himari magically loses her clothing halfway through their conversation, there wasn’t any pervading feeling of sexuality that usually ended up weaving its way through the interactions between the Princess of Crystal and Kanba.

Last week was all about the deterioration of Himari and Kanba’s relationship despite Kanba’s wishes to the contrary, but this week was all about the strength that Himari and Shouma share not as soul mates but as a family.

Ghibli tears for the win.

The conversation between Himari and Shouma kind of hinted that Himari was giving Shouma the okay to let her go. It’s like she said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “I know there’s a place I belong now. You’ve done more than enough for me, so now it’s Kanba’s turn to realize he’s wanted.” Will Himari make it out of this alive? I’m leaning towards no, but that doesn’t mean I would mind a happy ending. It’ll just be a bit more difficult to realistically pull that off than a sad albeit uplifting ending.

(side note: Did anyone else have a fear that they would be left behind when they were a kid? I knew I was loved but boy did I have a fear of being left behind. It wasn’t so much as being forgotten and they’d be back when they remembered, but them actually dumping me off somewhere and leaving. It scared the hell out of me. The weirdest thing was that I could never figure out why it scared me so much because I knew they would never actually leave me behind. Odd huh?)

p.s. – The one thing that did bother me this episode (and this really is nitpicking, this episode was awesome) was the whole ‘burning the diary’ sequence. There are far more efficient ways at putting out a fire than clutching it to your chest. Just saying. . .

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2 Responses to Think Outside the Box (Mawaru Penguindrum 23)

  1. billish says:

    I enjoyed reading these past three mpd posts :).
    Since I have only recently discovered mpd (about a week), and have marathoned all 23 episodes, I think its needless to say that the wait on eng. subs is killin’ me.
    merry christmas

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