The Apple and the Heart (Mawaru Penguindrum 24)

Can you spot the similarities?

I’m having a bit of trouble writing this post, so I’ll just start off getting this off my chest. I thoroughly enjoyed Mawaru Penguindrum. There are some glaring loose plot threads and the beginning may have dragged on (Though your mileage may vary) but I loved it all the same.

So, What exactly is the penguindrum? Well, I’m still not exactly sure, to be honest. If we look at the penguindrum as an object that can alter someone’s fate, then the ‘heart’ would be a more plausible response than an apple (But the apple could be considered the penguindrum if you believe that it is the reward for giving up your life for love. In other words, you could say the Apple is the symbol of the heart). After all, the hero in most shounen shows are known to say, “As long as I have heart, then anything’s possible.” As cheesy as that is, it makes sense.

Kanba is able to save Himari because he is given back the heart he had given to Shouma. As a result he is able to use that heart to save Himari’s life, while Shouma uses what is left of his heart to take on Ringo’s fate.

Ringo has come the longest way when it comes to development. At first she was all about herself, even if it appeared like she was trying to help her own family. Here, she’s not only trying to save Himari but is willing to sacrifice her own life for that cause. Then, in a truly crowning moment of heart warming, Shouma relieves her of that fate to take on the punishment instead. If he wasn’t a hero before, he most certainly is now.

The ending actually turned out the exact opposite as I had thought it would. I honestly thought they were going to succeed in saving Kanba but Himari wouldn’t live to see it. However, not only does Kanba die, but Shouma follows him. What struck me the most was how their existence faded from the world. Himari specifically told them that the last she wanted was to forget the memories they shared as a family. If you think about it, though, It was probably the workings of the Takakura brothers, themselves that caused her to forget. They’d want her and Ringo to be happy, and knowing they died saving them would put quite a damper on their lives.

If you remember some episodes ago I explained that this whole trying to save each other was one big circle of unhappiness because no matter which one was left alive they would be without the one they love. The only way to fix that is memory loss (Though that’s kind of like Kanba and Shouma are trying to deny everything they set out to accomplish in the first place). I was mad at this at first, but when Himari found the note in the teddy bear, I teared up a little. It was such a simple note, one that Himari would obviously be aware of if she remembered exactly what had happened, but the impact those three simple words have is very powerful. It’s something so obvious and yet it absolutely needed to be said.

Well, this is the last stop for Mawaru Penguindrum and yet it doesn’t quite feel over to me. It could be useless wishing on my part, but I hope there’s more to Mawaru Penguindrum in the future. For now though this is more than enough. I look forward to rewatching this series in the future.

This’ll probably be the first and last time I blog an entire show. While I enjoyed it, it was quite the amount of work and there were times I didn’t really feel like writing anything (In other words my inadequacies as a serious thinker caught up to me). Overall though, it was a fun experience. With that said, so long every body, I hope you enjoyed your ride on the Destiny Express.

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