Anime Music Spotlight – Part 3: Guitar

Hello again, and welcome to the third installment of Anime Music Spotlight. This time around will be focusing on musical compositions that feature the Guitar(both acoustic and electric). With that out of the way, we can finally get started.

(Also, I can see that I’m already starting to repeat series, so I’ve decided that after two features I will no longer use that show to provide examples. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide a bit more variation that way.)

Honey and Clover – Pastel Toori composed by Depapepe

Honey and Clover’s soundtrack is probably more recognized by its insert song rather than its actual soundtrack and Pastel Toori is no exception. Composed by guitar duo Yoshinari Tokuoka and Takuya Miura for the second season, Pastel Toori is able to perfectly portray the ups and downs of a relationship, while at the same time always holding on to that little bit hope that as long goes on, everything will turn out all right.

Black Rock Shooter – Snap composed by Ryo

Despite how one feels about the execution of the OVA for Black Rock Shooter one has to admit that it’s got quite a few standout tracks, Snap being on of them. It has a very nostalgic sound that makes me think of all the happy times that have passed us by but is also the sign of fun times ahead. Or maybe that’s the Akari in me talking.

Aria – Yuunagi composed by the Choro Club

Speaking of Aria. . . If you haven’t been able to tell, I tend to drift more towards very soothing sounding music and Yuunagi is exactly that. The very simple melody that the guitar repeats is the epitome of the soothing quality one can find in Aria’s Soundtrack and it’s something I never tire listening to.

Usagi Drop – Yorokobi composed by Matsutani Suguru

Usagi Drop’s soundtrack makes me feel happy, I can’t put it any simpler than that.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Denderaryuu composed by Ko-ko-ya

Short but incredibly sweet. The only thing that could make this better is if it went on for a little bit longer, but I’ll take what I can get.

Tegami Bachi – White Desert of Jose composed by Kunihiko Ryo

The Letter Bee soundtrack was one of the biggest surprises to ever grace my ears. Despite being in the shounen genre, Letter Bee’s soundtrack does just about everything different than it’s genre suggests and it does that wonderfully.

Shiki – Day and Night composed by Takanashi Yasuharu

First of all, I have yet to fully watch Shiki. I have seen the first episode but have yet to actually continue on. However, after a review had been done over on Anime Instrumentaliy I found myself in love with its soundtrack. While Day and Night features a beautiful underlying melody played by the guitar, it’s really the entire ensemble that makes this track so good.

Ano Hana – When We’re All Together composed by Remedios

This was a little gem I found after I finally decided to listen to the Ano Hana soundtrack. It ended up making me rethink this entire list. It’s such a contrast to all the melancholy tracks that make up this soundtrack that it threw me for a loop. I love it all the same though.

And lastly, as an honorable mention. . .

Mawaru Penguindrum – Heroes remixed from ARB

Yeah, this isn’t from the Soundtrack but it still kicks some ass. This song renewed my love for the electric guitar. This song is just full of awesome electric guitar chords, not to mention my new favorite guitar solo ever, around the 4:30 mark. I love this song.

That’s it for now, look forward to part four!

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6 Responses to Anime Music Spotlight – Part 3: Guitar

  1. Cholisose says:

    Lots of nice relaxing music here! Thanks for sharing.
    And I strongly suggest watching Shiki, if you’re interested in horror at all. It gives a lot to think about, and just has a very unique and dark atmosphere and look to it in general.

    • Nishimura says:

      You’re welcome!

      As for Shiki, I’ve been meaning to, but every season I tend to watch more shows than I should. I’ll get around to it eventually though, the first episode was interesting as far as I remember. This is somewhat off topic but I was really impressed with this season’s horror show’s use of background music. It really made all those scenes that should have been light-hearted drip with this utterly eerie essence. It was quite the nice touch.

  2. Good selections! Prior to Honey and Clover Season 2, I had not heard of Depapepe, but once I did get my hands on their album, I was really entranced by their music and expanded my horizons a bit with a few of their CDs. Also, anything Choro Club and ko-ko-ya is nice, especially since both of those groups share one key member in Sasago Shigeharu to do the compositions, so you can’t really go wrong there.

    Good post series, hope you continue with more than just 4!

    • Nishimura says:

      I absolutely adore the Choro Club, but other than Aria, I’m afraid I am unfamiliar with their other work. I guess I’ll just have to look a bit harder.

      I would like to do more than four posts but right now, I’m having a bit of trouble finding songs for the next instrument. At the moment though, I have at least two more posts planned, they just might not have as many tracks as the previous entries.

  3. I usually prefer my guitar pieces more energetic something along this line:

    pastel doori is a little diamond ❤

    • Nishimura says:

      Listening to the opening reminded me how much I enjoy the Guitar in K-On’s My Love is a Stapler (though I wish they did more stuff with the guitar like in the beginning)

      There’s this version of Pastel Doori that plays during the main menu of one of the discs of the american release and it’s so beautiful. However, it looks like it was just for the main menu since it’s not included in any of the CDs, which is a shame because it was perfect.

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