Anime Music Spotlight – Part 4: Flute

Do not fear, I have not given up on this post series yet nor do I ever intend to. As a result I apologize for it’s lateness, but bear with it for now; school’s starting again and until I get back into the groove everything will probably move at a snails pace. I do have two more posts planned for this series, so look forward to those whenever they may come.

Now it’s time for some back story. Despite my limited knowledge on musical instruments, the flute is something that I am familiar with. I am by no means a genius, but it just so happens to be the only instrument I have experience with. While my knowledge only consists of four years practice (which I have since stopped), it’s still something, right? As a result, even though the flute not my favorite instrument, I still hold a particular fondness for it.

For part four of Anime Music Spotlight, I had a bit of trouble gathering some stand out performances. I blame my lack of anime music knowledge, but that just means I have space to grow. Therefore, if you have any favorites that feature this instrument, by all means share.

Also if you notice that I have mislabeled any of these tracks, i.e. I have wrongfully deduced the featured instrument, please let me know. My ears aren’t as good as I think they are.

Youjouhan Shinwa Taikei – Akashi-san no Theme composed by Oshima Michiru

What an odd show this was but boy did it know how to create an atmosphere with its music. I too am searching for that rose colored life and perhaps with a little help from this soundtrack, I just may be able to find it.

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – Amazing Land composed by Kuroishi Hitomi

While most of Last exile’s soundtrack features some sort of vocal work (and that’s in no way a bad thing), the few tracks that stand of instruments alone are quite the spectacle to listen to.

Kimi Ni Todoke – Namida no Ato composed by S.E.N.S.

This is a very soothing song and yet at the same time, there’s an over arching feeling of doubt that hangs on every note. I find this song perfectly describes both the hopes and doubts of our two leads as they figure out just what these new feelings mean.

Nichijou – Kigen no yoi Hakase composed by Nomi Yuuji

This whole soundtrack is pure genius in the fun category. Not only can I not help but wistle along to this tune, but it’s stuck in my head even hours after listening and if there’s one song I wouldn’t mind playing over and over in my head, it would have to be this one. It’d probably make my day so much more fun.

Spice and Wolf – Hajimete no Mura composed by Yoshino Yuuji

Here’s were I stretch the the strings a little but I figure a medievalish version of the flute should count too, or perhaps that my love for this song trumps musical instruments (Actually if anyone knows exactly what type of woodwind instrument is used in this piece I would love to know).

Sora No Woto – Destinee composed by Oshima Michiru

In my opinion, this track contains one of the best solo performance by a flute ever. Oshima Michiru really knows her way around this instrument.

Tegami Bachi – Town of Kyrie composed by Ryou Kunihiko

More foriegn woodwind instruments that sound like flutes. Like I said in my previous post, Letter Bee’s soundtrack was quite the surprise. It contained such a wide variety of instruments and the way these instruments were able to create so many different tones and sounds was beyond anything I have ever heard for it’s genre. It’s quite something.

And as an honorable mention

Chihayafuru – Souri e no Michi composed by Kousuke Yamashite

Yeah, the flute has a very minor part in this track but boy does it enhance that ‘Chihayafuru’ feeling. This wholes soundtrack is something to be heard and enjoyed, so get to it already (shameless plug is shameless).

Until next time!

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3 Responses to Anime Music Spotlight – Part 4: Flute

  1. sora no woto, simoun, spice & wolf are some from my all time fav osts 🙂

    one recommendation that has took my heart:

    • Nishimura says:

      That is one amazing flute solo. I had watched La Corda D’oro so long ago that it didn’t even cross my mind. It’s a shame too, since I know remember all of awesome classical renditions that were in that show. The bad thing about these types of posts is that I’d find at least two or three songs after posting. Now some months later, I wish I had included these two:

  2. Lauren says:

    Do you have “The coming Day of Tomorrow” from Kobato?
    It is so hard to find 😦

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