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Anime Music Spotlight – Part 6: Vocal

Well, it’s finally here, the last installment of Anime Music Spotlight. Now, it’s not typical for one to think of the voice as anĀ instrumentĀ in the most literal sense, but it is something that creates a sound. At times the sound … Continue reading

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Anime Music Spotlight – Part 5: Saxophone

Well, here we are once again. This installment of Anime Music Spotlight features the saxophone. What I love most about this particular instrument is that sultry tone that the saxophone is so easily able to portray. However, I’ve tried my … Continue reading

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Guilty Crown Revisited

Twelve episodes ago I wasn’t all too thrilled about the direction Guilty Crown was going. If I had my say, this show would already be halfway towards a rather rose colored ending. But that’s obviously not going to happen, so … Continue reading

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