Guilty Crown Revisited

Spoilers obviously, so beware.

Twelve episodes ago I wasn’t all too thrilled about the direction Guilty Crown was going. If I had my say, this show would already be halfway towards a rather rose colored ending. But that’s obviously not going to happen, so the most I can hope for now is awesemely animated fights scenes that really don’t do what their suppose to emotionally (I’m looking at you episode 12). However, it was around last Thursday that episode 15 rolled around. Am I at the edge of my seat? Hmmm, not quite yet, but if this is a sign of what’s to come then for goodness sake I certainly hope they don’t screw this up.

I bet we all saw this coming in one way or another, but the fact that it contained even a little bit of surprise (death flags aside) made it all the more riveting. Am I happy to see Hare go? I am most certainly not. Sure, she’s overly sweet but I’d take sweet over bitterly bland any day, good looks be damned. I might rant here (actually that’s exactly what this is), but Inori as a character is the biggest waste of potential that I have seen in resent years. If I was angry about Himari’s lack of screen time in Mawaru Penguindrum, I’m ten times more angry at Inori’s refusal to develop into the character she should be. At least in Penguindrum episode nine was awesome enough to hold me over until things got explained.

Sigh, well, now that Hare’s gone she’s got absolutely no reason to remain the same old Inori. After all, now that Hare’s out of the picture Inori is basically the only remaining candidate to fill that void -haha – in Shu’s rather unstable heart. Inori was like a toy to Shu in the first fifteen episodes (and his manhandling of her at the end nearly proves that. ‘Cause nothing says your a bad ass better than abusing your girlfriend) while Hare played more of the heart role in Shu’s life. Take away the heart and you’re basically going to end up a killing machine, or, at the very least, one heartless bastard. Right now Inori’s job is to fill the role left by Hare, and keep Shu anchored in reality. If I wasn’t a romantic, I’d have half a mind to call this sexist but I probably shouldn’t get into things I know nothing about, so moving on. . .

whoa there. . .

Well, if the new OP is anything to go by, I may end up getting the romance I’m looking for. I’m crossing my fingers that’ll it be done as well as it can be, considering this is Guilty Crown and all, but who knows. Maybe the writers for GC stink at political intrigue and Plot but will blow us away with their ability to write a well developed and believable relationship between two people. Oh who am I kidding, I’m better off looking for love in Nisemonogatari than in Guilty Crown. At least in that show I know everybody basically loves everybody else. I can dream though can’t I?

Random Stuff

  • Speaking of love, my guilty pleasures for the winter season include Inu x Boku SS, Aquarion LOVE – uh, I mean EVOL, and Nisemonogatari.  Though, Ano Natsu de Matteru is what I look forward to most every week. I guess I can throw in Rinne no Lagrange for good measure. Yuri never hurt anybody.
  • Expect the fifth anime music spotlight, sometime during the weekend, if I don’t drown in all the painting I have to do.
  • Obligatory Inori costume I want to see animated in the show (You know, besides the other one that also hasn’t been shown yet):

Simple but gorgeous.

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