Anime Boston 2012

So, over this past weekend I attended my very first anime convention. Yup, that’s right, out of the some odd six or seven years I’ve loved and enjoyed anime, I have never been to an anime convention, but all that changed four days ago.

My brother lives in Boston, about twenty or so minutes by train to the Hynes Convention center in Boston. Honestly, I was a bit scared of it, but I finally decided that being an anime fan I needed to attend at least one convention and now that I have I will probably keep coming back.

My brother and I were horribly under dressed for the occasion (meaning we weren’t in costume) and both my brother and I have since decided to go all next year. We’re still not quite sure what we want to do, if nothing else my brother wants to dress as Disney characters, but we’ve got a whole year to plan for the next convention, so we’ll be ready.

Being a bit of a shy person, I didn’t really take as many pictures as I wanted. I was too embarrassed to go up ask, so instead, every time I saw an awesome cosplay, I’d hit my brother a few times on the shoulder and tell him to look. There were some awesome costumes – my favorite was a couple dressed as Anemone and Dominic, who, now that the chance has passed, I wished I had taken a picture of. They were really great. Many though weren’t of anime characters (Assassin’s Creed was incredibly popular, along with Adventure Time).

I ended up buying a lot more manga than I thought I would, but the sales they had going on in the dealers room compelled me to throw caution to the wind (Sand Chronicles is probably my favorite Shojo manga, I plan on doing a post about it sooner or later). The dvd’s were awfully expensive so I didn’t get much of those. I just couldn’t get the thought out of my head that I could find all of them cheaper online (I had contemplated buying the Princess Jellyfish blu-ray, but the twenty dollar difference made me decide otherwise). The two cute key chains were my splurge of the convention. I originally planed to only buy one – Inori was the first – but on the second day they put up Mawaru Penguindrum key chains and I just couldn’t stop myself. I actually got the last Himari they had, so I was incredibly excited. They were expensive little things (Inori was $10 while Himari was $12) but I’m happy I bought them. There was also a Holo PVC statue I really wanted, but I couldn’t justify spending $130 for it.

Overall I had a blast. Next year I’m going to go all out, and I’ll make sure to take better pictures. Look forward to it! Anime Boston 2013, here I come!

The Funimation Industry panel. I'll give you one hundred imaginary dollars if you can spot me and my brother. *hint* I have an isle seat.

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6 Responses to Anime Boston 2012

  1. Justin says:

    Wait you were at Anime Boston!?!?! And we didn’t meet?!?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!?

    Are you the odd one doing the rabbit ears?

    • Nishimura says:

      You were there too?! No way, that’s awesome! THIS IS MADNESS!

      If you go up the left side of the right section and look for the person in the white sweatshirt holding her hands up in the air like an idiot, that’s me.

  2. Ultima says:

    Looks like a lot of fun. I see Spice and Wolf in the screenshots, and a ToraDora volume 2. What is that above the pile of manga? Some sort of Hershey’s snack looks like. I wish they had conventions like these where I live. I would totally go to one.

    • Nishimura says:

      Yup, I’ve been having Spice and Wolf withdrawals, so I deciding to catch up on the manga, though I did forget to purchase the latest novel. And as for the snack, you’re incredibly close. It’s one of those Reese’s peanut butter cups but in gigantic egg form. My cousin (who lives with my brother) left me some since it was Easter morning.

      As for the convention, its was incredibly fun but immensely exhausting. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to experience one sometime too.

  3. Marow says:

    That picture is so cramped it would be impossible to guess! 😛

    I have never been to an anime convention. We only have two big ones in Sweden, but they are vastly different from the stuff in the USA, since there are licensors and stuff over there. It would be fun to visit sometimes.

    • Nishimura says:

      Oh, I didn’t know that. With Anime Boston, the stories my friends would tell me about it always made me think it was this huge thing. While it was still pretty impressive, my imagination did get the best of me. It was still a blast. I’m lucky, though, to have a brother living so close, without him the trip probably would have killed me. If you ever do get the chance to come here, hopefully you’ll be able to experience it too 😀

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