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Shoujo Manga Done Right

I have a love hate relationship with Shoujo manga. At times it pushes all the rights buttons and I’m gooier than a school girl with her first crush, but then there are times when it makes me want to claw … Continue reading

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Quick First Impressions: Hyouka

Wow, this is incredibly late. . . Damn you college! Who needs you anyway. . . So, Hyouka. Kyoani’s latest endeavor. As you well know, Hyouka (along with Eureka Seven) was my most anticipated of the spring 2012 season. Did … Continue reading

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Sakamichi no Apollon and how it tore the Spectrum of Love in anime to shreds

Or a simpler more straight to the point title would be: I effin’ Love This Show So, not too long ago I wrote a post about the stages of love in Anime. Sometimes it moves to fast, others it moves … Continue reading

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