Mardock Scramble and The Many Sides of Love

So it’s been some time since my last update. Life got a bit busy for me with my first job and  my sudden loss of imagination certianly didn’t help, but don’t think for a second that I’ll ever just give up anime. Hopefully after that long summer hiatus, it’ll be quite some time before I drop off the face of the blogsphere again. And what better way to get back into the swing of things than to talk about things I love.

Mardock Scramble is a violent, grotesque, and vulgar OVA series that caught my interest about one year ago with the release of its first installment.  You could say that it was my introduction to the rather gritter side of Anime, but despite its bleak and depressing atmosphere a ray of light does shine and this light can be found in the relationship between our heroine and a shape shifting golden mouse.

It’s quite an odd relationship these two beings share. There’s no doubt that it’s love, but not in the sense most of us are familiar with. There are no romantic feelings involved and yet at times it wouldn’t be odd to call them lovers. It’s relationship that was built upon trust (which is something both of them are quite hesitant to give based upon the circumstances that surround their existence) and it was only after a rather heartrending ordeal that they were able to put that trust in one another.

It’s hard to talk about without giving away spoilers but it’s one of the most sincere relationships I think I’ve seen portrayed in anime. It’s all about acceptance and being able to be free from the fear of being judged, knowing that when you put your life in their hands they’ll do everything in their power to keep it safe. It’s love in its purest form and it is certainly something to behold.

And before I sign off for today, I would like to draw your attention to it’s gorgeous soundtrack. It has a very classical feel, but it knows when to kick it up a notch when the shit hits the fan. This is the track that greets you upon the opening of the second OVA and for a second your stunned into silence as your ears and eyes try to connect the two vastly different things your hearing and seeing while at the same time not feeling at all out of place. It makes this scene so much more powerful.

(While I love this entire track, my favorite part is from 0:22 to 0:37. This melody is also repeated using different instruments in my favorite scene that takes place later in the movie.  It gets me every single time.)

So, if you have the time and your not put of by the nudity (the likes of which include prostitution and some other unsettling scenes) and a far share amount of violence, then check this movie out. Just be wary, Mardock Scramble knows how to pull off cliffhangers and with the third movie yet to be released in theaters it may be a while before we can see the conclusion of this oddly intriguing OVA series.

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9 Responses to Mardock Scramble and The Many Sides of Love

  1. Justin says:

    “It’s quite an odd relationship these two beings share. There’s no doubt that it’s love, but not in the sense most of us are familiar with”

    I assume you’re talking about Balot and Oeucfuque (name is so complicated) right? Yeah, I haven’t checked out the OVAs…mainly because I’m reading the novel at the moment, so I’m holding out until I finish.

    BTW, glad you’re still around. You need to stick around more somehow :p ^_^

    • Nishimura says:

      Yup, I probably should have mentioned their names somewhere in this post but I guess I’m still a bit rusty from my two month break. I would also love to get my hands on the novel (680 pages, wholly nelly that’s like the length of the sixth harry potter book), considering how much I enjoyed the OVA I figure I’ll like that as well. However there was a sale on the manga version of Mardock Scramble so my money kind of just vanished.

      And thanks, Hopefully I’ll be sticking around more frequently in the future.

  2. Marow says:

    I haven’t seen Mardok Scramble, but you talking about the relationship really got me interested. If there is one thing anime lack, it’s relationships were you… love everything about them, you know? For me, the only show that has portayed good romance is Toradora.

    (also, wonderful song. You always post good songs)

    • Nishimura says:

      If you want to know a sure way to make me depressed (and fired up all at the same time), just talk about how disappointing the romance is in anime today. It’s like it can’t get out of the rut of stereotypes and cliches. I agree with you on Toradora though. It might not be the be all end all of romance (even toradora could improve in some places) but it certainly did what it set out to do. . . Great, I’m starting to get depressed. . .

      (anime soundtracks never cease to amaze me with their awesomeness)

      • Marow says:

        Do you have any good romance to recommend? 🙂

        Also, you don’t have to participate, but I mentioned you here:

      • Nishimura says:

        Suggestions, hmm? Basically all I can give are shows you’d probably already know. A Victorian Romance Emma is perhaps one you may not be familiar with that does its period piece romance rather well or if you can find a place to watch the new Studio Ghibli movie From up on Poppy Hill. If you don’t mind yuri, Aoi Hana is rather good. Then there’s this OVA called Tokyo Marble Chocolate that is rather cute, but other than that I’ve got nothing. Usually I find the romance in a show most compelling when it’s not the main aspect. Of course that usually leaves me either incredibly disappointed or wanting more than they’re willing to give. It could also be that the potential for a truly great show with equal romance and action is to me what a flame is to a moth (I think Spice and Wolf is the closest a series has ever gotten to my ideal anime).

        As for the interrogation game, it sounds like it’ll be fun. Hopefully I can come up with some interesting questions and get over my shyness. It’s gonna take some work but I’ll give it a shot *puts on game face*

      • Marow says:

        Ooh, Emma! I was going to buy the manga at one time when the Swedish manga industry was basically dying off, but it got out of stock fairly quickly, so I never did. Regarding everything else you’ve mentioned, I’ve had my eyes on them all, haha! Now I’m pumped up to watch them all (besides Aoi Hana, which I’ve already seen (and loved)). Especially Spice and Wolf seems to be something I’d love. The characters seem to have… “it”, you know?

        Good luck 🙂

      • Nishimura says:

        Are you saying you’ve never seen Spice and Wolf? If that is indeed the case, then drop whatever it is you are doing and go watch it right now. It’s one of my favorite series (just below Aria actually) so I may come across as a bit biased but this show really does have ‘it’ economic jargon aside, especially when it comes to our two leads. They’re probably one of the best anime duos in recent history.

        Also, I can’t believe I forgot to mention this one but if you haven’t seen Honey and Clover, I’d highly recommend it. It’s subtle and quite beautiful.

      • Marow says:

        Thanks! I gotta finish Inifinite Ryvius which I just started, but after that I could watch the others!

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