Potential Show Candidate #3: Robotics;Notes

How I feel about apple juice.

Steins;Gate from a few seasons ago was quite the surprise to say the least. I went into it with no more than a mild interest but by episode 12 my mind had been blown open and by episode 19 my head had melted. Granted, it wasn’t perfect but since Robotics;Notes is even a little bit associated with it, I’ve got to be intrigued.

Its got quite the simple plot at the moment – down and out school robotics club is in need of some serious dough in order for them to see their dreams become a reality – elementary really, but if Steins;Gate is anything to go by then I’m expecting some serious shit to go down. However, this does have the potential to work against RN. With expectations like these I guess there’s nowhere to go but down and that’s not a good thing.

you’ve got mail

I’ve got a lot of hope for our leads, and no not all of it has to do with their romance potential. Akiho got the traditional spunk of a high school girl who is in love with what she does, and is a far cry from our tsundere lead and Kaito is a lot more laid back than our self proclaimed mad scientist (Something which I am thankful for, Kyouma only grew on me when he wasn’t being such a pain in the ass).  It looks like we’ll have to wait to see more of the Robotics club’s crew who will probably be introduced as the show goes along. Already though, it looks like there something not quite right with the world with the introduction of perhaps a new member as the last seconds of the episode ticked down. Only time will tell what she’ll bring to the table.

And Lastly. . .

Kiraboshi! Oops wrong show.

I wonder who she got her posing skills from?

(My decision for which show I will blog depends on the second episode of Robotic:Notes which I will watch tomorrow evening. Look forward to it!)

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