It’s the Start of Something New (Robotics;Notes 2)

Akiho says, “Watch Robotics;Notes!”

With the airing of the second episode, I think it’s safe to say that Robotics;Notes has safely secured its spot this season. I’m going to enjoy this one.

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I am a slice of life lover. K-On, no matter what anyone says, will always make me smile, it’s just part of its natural formula. Therefore, when I come across a show that has the same aspects, albeit in varying quantities, the variable that induces smiles is bound to pop up. I love it when that happens and I especially love it when it feels natural. Robotics;Notes is doing just that.

At the heart of that equation we have these two young people. It’s quite difficult to have two leads where one doesn’t outshine the other (though Akiho does have a slight edge over Kaito at the moment, but he seems to have a heart of gold beneath that trolling exterior) but more importantly they feel real. Let me reiterate that for you Sword Art Online, Akiho and Kaito feel like real humans. Yes, they’re eccentric like most anime characters, but they’ve got the heart. They don’t rely on tried and true anime formulas that dictate how one character should interact with another depending on their relationship and I love that.

Okay, so I may be building this up a little more than I should, but this episode really did grab me. Akiho proves that she’s a character that’s going to get shit done and Kaito is going to be there to support her in that endeavor in his own special way.  He’s a troll but a lovable troll.

It looks like they’re in for the rides of their lives, and with the robo tournament not to far away things are going to get tough quick for our leads. It’s the start of something new, so let’s hope that they’re able to ride this wave of excitement all the way to the end with gratifying results.

Introducing Tumblr Corner:

I’m not one for twitter, it’s just not my cup of tea. Tumblr however allows me to post pretty pictures of anime (I have new found love of gifs) while adding my snarky comments in the tags. I usually go there after watching an episode and post my very first thoughts, which more often than not is overtaken by my fangirl side. I figured it be fun to add that here. So following my viewing of Robotics;Notes episode 2 I posted this (Future Tumblr Corners will not include this intro, don’t worry):

Sold, step aside Asuna and Kirito, they’ve got you beat.

and now for the Random Stuff:

I love how Akiho’s hair curls at that end. I wish my hair was like that…

Aaaand I’m done. Until next week, so long.

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