Let the Robo Begin and End (Robotics;Notes 3)

Apparently, this time I wasn’t the only one having some serious Star Driver flashbacks.

Well, in just one episode we’ve gone through a major plot point in Robotics;Notes. The Robo Tournament has come in gone in merely one episode, something which in other shows could have easily taken up three times the length. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, we’re onto to bigger and better things as a result.

Though, it wasn’t all robotics’ antics. Inbetwixt the robo battles and Akiho and Kaito’s antics (Romance where are you?!), we’ve gotten a brief glimpse into one half of our main duo. Now, I’ve heard plenty about sick heroines but I think Robotics;Notes is the first show to have a sick hero.  Granted, we can’t be entirely sure he’s terminally ill like most of the female counterparts, but still, it’s kind of odd in a interesting way.

Not only that but News Caster lady from episode 1 and 2 isn’t really a news castor at all and not only is she Akiho’s sister but she’s the sister that we’ve been hearing so much about. I honestly thought she was dead based on how they were talking about her, and that  this new sister was the eldest of three but, alas, that turned out to be false. And with the introduction of the supposedly new ‘evil’ company and perhaps a new robotics club member in the form of the Kill Ballad creator, it looks like episode 4 will be quite interesting indeed.

Onto episode 4!

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Random Stuff

  • So in my third year at college I decided to go ahead and take Japanese. It’s kind of funny really, now when I watch anime I can consider it a learning experience (I got a 99 on my midterm thank you very much. Just don’t ask me how physics is going *runs and jumps off a cliff*)
  • So, with hurricane Sandy hurtling towards the east coast at an alarming rate (supposedly it suppose to hit where I live at around 12pm on the 29th) I’m kind of expecting to be out of electricity for a bit. I just hope it’s not a three day black out like last time. I need my Monday dose of MONJA or I won’t be able to function properly. Well, at least school is canceled.


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