It’s starting to get cold outside (Robotics;Notes 4,5)

Man, I hate it when I forget to post my password.

Well, two weeks have passed, but never fret, it was merely a slight lapse in concentration. Despite my disappearance, Robotics;Notes has not taken a two week break so there is much to catch up on. With a odd new tenant in a run down building (who oddly does not make an appearance in episode 5) and a strange computer program/ghost haunting poor Kaito’s  high tech touch pad, nothing is quite as it seems. Where exactly do we go from here? Your guess is as good as mine.

It looks like everything is going to revolve around the night of the incident on the SS Anemone and I’ve got a hunch that the suspicious company has got something to do with it.    Some illegal experimenting maybe? Perhaps their trying to even out their good deed with bad ones, but seriously polluting the ocean is never the solution, or whatever caused the whale to wash up on shore. It seems like something taken from one of those sad documentaries where they follow the whales on this migrating journey of some thousands of miles and they die on the beach ten feet away from their destination. . . I’ve got to stop watching those shows (seriously this picture though, everything about it wants you to feel warm but in a very hollow and cold way)

Anyway, we finally get to meet the computer girl, Airi, who made a brief appearance in episode one. Apparently she’s not a living person (which was what I thought until recently) and only Kaito has the ability (or device) to see her. I’m going to bet that she is going to be the key to get the big Gunvarrel to work. Plus it looks like she harboring some conspiracy theories pertaining to someone named Kou Kimijima and somehow this all relates back to Kaito. Interesting, very interesting indeed.

Tumblr Corner

This is gonna be gooooood.

Random Stuff

  • It appears that I bit off more than I could chew…
  • As an apology for missing a week, I have a manga post in mind. It involves love and shoujo in a refreshing combination.


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