Is this Love? Ore Monogatari!!

I wonder if I’ve made it clear over the past year that my relationship with love is tumultuous. For all the times its made me high (in the non drug like way mind you) it drags me back down and kicks me in the shin for good measure. It’s very aggravating trying to find something that is perfect enough to leave me satisfied and at the same time doesn’t leave me beaten and bruised. It’s an abusive relationship, perhaps, but it’s those moments of tender pure love that make the abuse worth it. So, have I finally found that ‘something special’? Well, let’s take a looksie.

I’m not a fan of the bishounen, well, I was at one point but the faze has past and I’m happy to wave it goodbye. Perhaps it’s personal taste, but I find the severe lack of men (in the manly sense) very absent in shoujo and it’s got me kind of sad. It’s got to be the pretty boy, Mr. Popular Guy with the looks of a model that takes our heroines breath away. Well, I guess that makes the fact that our heroine (or perhaps I should start saying hero) in this odd shoujo romance is actually a thick brow, tall, built like a bear, martial artist guy. Are those bells I hear? The praises that be, Hallelujah!

Of course we’re not completely free of Mr. PG, as our poor hero Takeo is best friends with  Sunagawa (aka Mr. PG),  and ever since they were young all the girls Takeo fell in love with would confess their love for his best friend, only for them to get brutally shot down.

Of course I didn’t think this love story would be easy, despite how much that would make me happy (you become accustomed to abuse after all) and with the beginning of a new year and a new school, (high school baby!) our main man is feeling  pretty good but trails are sure to make themselves apparent.

And lo and behold, on the train ride to school, he saves a girl from being molested, and well, it was love at first sight.

well, it was love at first sight for party of one.

But you can’t tell me they’re not perfect for one another.

Though the course of love never does run smooth, for our new love candidate seems to shows interest in Mr. PG (damn you Mr. PG!!!) and well that’s chapter one in a nutshell.

I realize that at the moment I am running off of the high of love at first sight (this manga has captured me so *sparkly eyes*) and I’m fully prepared to take quite the beating.  Despite the fact that we have a male lead, he’s about as take charge as a lady bug when it comes to romance (based on chapter one alone, he may change) keeping in traditional shoujo style. The one thing that did stand out to me though was even though we do have a bishounen in our midst, and it looks like he will cause a bit of problems for our couple, it looks like he’s not doing it on purpose. As  a matter of fact, I’d go on record saying that ever since grade school he’s been looking out for his friend feelings in his own subtle way. He doesn’t seem so dumb as to be completely oblivious of his friends romantic feelings and for that I applaud you Mr. PG, bravo.

For me to stay on this path of love, two things need to happen. One: Takeo needs to be out there, he needs to fight for her or so help me god . . . and two: Yamato (the girl) needs to be more than just candy, she needs to rival Takeo’s flair with her own, which is going to be quite the feat considering how much he’s charmed me. If Ore Monogatari can do all this then of course this is love.

Random Stuff 

  • Of course this all depends on whether or not this manga gets translated past chapter 1. Therefore I implore you all to go read it, praise it, do whatever it takes for this manga to hit the ground running. I need MOAR.
  • If this manga can pull off drama I will declare it the be all end all of shoujo, and if we actually get to see the main couple get together (le gasp) before the series close I may have to break out the party hats and tequila.

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