11 Days of Anime: 10 Kamisama Kisses

kamisama kiss

The puns only get better from here.

One of the biggest surprises for me this year was Kamisama Hajimemashita (known in manga form as Kamisama Kiss). I came out of episode one fairly pleased but I was quite aware that it was nothing ground breaking. Actually it shares quite a few striking similarities with Inuyasha. So, what made this somewhat average story about a newborn god(dess) and her unwilling servant that she eventually starts to fall in love with? Its unadulterated Shoujo Soul, that’s what.

Kamisama Hajimemashita is shoujo through and through but that’s what makes me love it to pieces. While I originally found it to be average, its progression has proved me to be wrong. Sure it’s a tale as old as time, girl falls in love with a man with quite a nasty temper who has a history as a bad guy but has since turned over a new leaf,  but with our heroine and hero there’s a certain spark that’s hard to ignore.

I was compelled to pick up the manga after watching episode three. That’s right I bought it fair and square, and I’m loving it. Once I started, I’d have the intention of only reading a chapter or two but but not too long later I’d be flipping to the last page and thinking “Where’s all the rum gone?” drunk as hell on this shoujo high.

Random Stuff

  • Chapter 46 is one of the few to go down in my short list of ‘Moments that make me smile widely, giddily, and stupidly”
  • While it’s a bit subtle, I love how Julietta’s art is slowly refined through the course of the story. Goregousness

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