11 Days of Anime: 9 Suicidal Slices of Bread

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 01 - Large 35

I was aware Jinrui wa Suita Shimashita was an odd one the moment I tuned into the first episode. It was filled with too bright colors and a snarky protagonist with an inner monologue that could rival Kyon. However it was the moment at the end of the first episode that left me speechless.

I wasn’t sure whether to be scared, horrified, amused or all of the above. It was a moment so out of the blue that I was stunned for a moment. About a week or so later, when my brother came home for break, I made him sit down to watch the first episode with me just so I could see his reaction. When all was said and done and the credits started to roll, he looked over at me with this puzzled and questioning glance. I just smiled.

While the remaining episodes never really did reach episode’s one pinnacle, it was certainly entertaining with some few low points. The last few episodes came the closest to that stunned feeling I got from episode one, but it was a memorable experience all the same.

Random Stuff

  • My Mawaru Penguindrum Blu-ray came in the mail today! Please let the dub be good, please let the dub be good, please let the dub be good….
  • I passed Physics! Never again, me and physical sciences are through.

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4 Responses to 11 Days of Anime: 9 Suicidal Slices of Bread

  1. Justin says:

    Oh, so did you didn’t think Jintai was all that special either? I couldn’t really get into it, though of course there were moments though.

    Also, the Penguindrum Blu-Ray sucks (has absolutely no proof whatsoever, has clearly opened himself up to criticism)

    Also, I…I have to hand it to you. You actually did make a post. Keep attempting to make more :p

    • Nishimura says:

      Jintai was entertaining, but some episodes really just made me roll my eyes.

      And not surprisingly the Penguindrum Blu-ray does suck, well at least the dub anyway. I’ve only watched four episodes so far but whoever was in charge of casting should be kicked in the shin.

      And see? I told I could do it. Eight more posts to go!

  2. otakuperson says:

    When I saw the first episode it was in the video room at an anime convention. I was getting hungry and told my dad. He said we would go get something after the end. after the episode finished when the ending song came on my dad laughed and asked so are you still hungry. Now I haven’t watched a lot of episodes (4 I have seen) because we were watching other anime at the time. But now I really want to find a plushie of that bread and my life would be heaven. If I ever find one I would die, but if I don’t then I will make one, or try to find someone who will.

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