11 Days of Anime: 8 Awesomely Unintentional Pep Talks

Ano Natsu de Matteru As far as spring anime went, none surprised me more than Ano Natsu de Matteru. Sure I ended up watching the first episode around four times before the second aired, but even then I wasn’t sure if it would keep the pace going long enough for me to really care. Little did I know that episode nine was going to bring out the big guns.

I spoke of this briefly before, but just to reiterate, love rivals in anime really piss me off. Not only do they usually have no purpose themselves other than to cause trouble, they’re unidentifiable by nothing other than their love for the main character. Ano Natsu however does not have that character. Instead we have Kanna, a selfish childhood friend who is simultaneously fighting for her own happiness as well as her love interest’s. It’s just sad that those two things clash.

Her fight for Kaito’s happiness though outshines her own, which leads her unleash one of the most awesomely unintentional pep talks ever. She talks Ichika into not only accepting her feelings for Kaito but to also act upon them. It was emotional, it was tense, and not once was it over dramatic. It’s one of the most gripping moments this year for me. Then again, I guess that just shows what a big romantic I am.

Random Stuff

  • My ears…. why? WHY?! Penguindrum deserves better!!!  ( I seriously could rant about the dub for ages, but that just reminds me how it could have ended up so much better if someone else had gotten it. I’m just kinda depressed is all)
  • WHY?!

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