11 Days of Anime: 7 Hearts Melting


This just in, Chuunibyou (dear god I don’t know the rest, something something ga shitai?) has melted my heart. It was a slow thawing, one that was warmed by the antics of the dynamic duo Shinka “Mori Summer” Nibutani and Sanae “death” Dekomori and ultimately melted by none other than our main pair. What a beautiful way to end this series.

Also let’s not forget the epic confession at the end, when Yuuta goes all Dark Flame Master and pulls off the coolest “banishment this warudo!” since, well, ever, simply because of the meaning behind why he’s doing it. He’s accepting Rikka for who she is and who he was and still is.

This show hit so close to home simply because my brother and I were Chuunibyou’s to the tenth degree when we were young (you should have seen us when we got together with our cousin, we’d go insane), and you know what, I bet you we’re not to far from jumping off the end and into that world even now. Just give us a cool weapon, an awesome outfit, some pokeballs and we’d kick evil’s ass any day.

Random Stuff

  • Geeze, I’m beginning to think I should rename this blog “Love Love Anime” with all the cheesiness I’ve been spouting lately. 
  • Seriously, anymore of this and even I may become lactose intolerant.

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