11 Days of Anime: 6 Trolling Polar Bears



I actually don’t remember what I was thinking when I first started watching Polar Bear’s Cafe some forty or so weeks ago. There must have been something that caught my eye. Was it the talking animals or perhaps the tasty cafe food? Well, whatever it was I’m glad I stayed.

You know what Polar Bear’s Cafe reminds me of? A comedy centered Aria. I think it’s because I go in expecting to smile and it has never let me down. It’s got great characters (llama is pure genius, I bow before the llama over lord), a humor that hits me right in the funny bone (in a good way), and it’s even got a dash of Romance. What more could I need in the spiritual successor of my favorite anime ever?

The one thing that I’m hoping happens as Polar Bear’s Cafe winds down is some serious character development. Aria had it in spades during its final season, which caused me to not only care for the characters more, it was what caused me to ball my eyes out during the final episodes. It was watching these characters grow and achieve their goals that made Aria so brilliant. I want to see Llama get the recognition he deserves, I want Penguin and Handa to get their girl, I want Wolf to have success in his new job and I want Polar Bear to be there for all of his patrons and friends just like he always has.

Random Stuff

  • Seriously, bow down now.

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4 Responses to 11 Days of Anime: 6 Trolling Polar Bears

  1. Marow says:

    I dropped this after 13 episodes ^^’
    To me, it lacks what makes Aria good (seeing as you made that connection). It lacks the… sense of freedom and happiness (or maybe this would be called the “healing” part of it).

    • Nishimura says:

      I agree, Aria is better in pretty much all aspects compared to Shirokuma, but it makes me laugh. Looking back on it, there is hardly any character development, and some characters reoccurring jokes aren’t funny. It certainly doesn’t have that heartwarming feeling (I’d say K-On does that better than Shirokuma) that Aria is famous for. Right now it’s more of a shadow of Aria, but I guess that’s what I’m looking for at the moment… I’m having Aria withdrawal. Perhaps I should pick up reading Amanchu?

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