11 days of Anime: 5 More Awesome Years


So, this year marked a certain milestone in my years as an anime enthusiast. Never before in my years had I attended an anime convention, and I thought it was about time to change that. With a little bit of planning (and a little bit of worrying) I was off to stay with my brother for this three day event.  It marks one of the most exciting things that has happened to me this year.

Never in my life had I seen so many people gathered in one place all to celebrate anime. I was overwhelmed the moment I stepped through the doors, but it didn’t take long to get accustomed to the sights and the noise. There were tons of anime merchandise everywhere and reeling in my inner fangirl was quite difficult, but it was tons of fun.

However, because of my excitement I wasn’t really able to fully experience everything that Anime Boston had to offer. So, my goal for the next five years of Anime Boston is to enjoy a bit more each year. I’ll go check out more panels, dress up all festive like and meet some more awesome people. Yeah, that sounds like a good five years spent.

Random Stuff

  • I still don’t know what to dress up as… Princess of Crystal maybe? Nah, just kidding, I don’t think I could handle the corset.

About Nishimura

An anime enthusiast who finds time to blog when she has no time to spare.
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7 Responses to 11 days of Anime: 5 More Awesome Years

  1. Marow says:

    Isn’t it embarrasing to cosplay? >_<'

  2. Justin says:

    You could have also put in random stuff that some dude from OASG that comments on this site was at AB, and we could have met xD

    • Nishimura says:

      I spent most of my time in the dealer’s room, so maybe I could put together a list of awesome deals or something of the sort. Though this coming AB I plan to attend more panels and next time tell me that you’re there before I head home. I would love to say hi.

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