11 Days of Anime: 1 Story to End them All


Well, Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a fun filled day full of good food, great people, tons of laughs and some anime. However if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed and need a little bit of a break from your drunk family, duck away for a few moments and go read Ore Monogatari, the best shoujo manga since sliced bread.

Okay, so perhaps I’m still under the spell of love at first sight considering I’ve only read about two or so chapters. BUT (and its a big Buttt), the amount of love I do have for this manga despite it being so early in it’s career does say something. It has one of the most original ideas for a shoujo and it looks like the romance is actually moving along believably. Not to mention we have an unique male lead that while he is a bit slow on the uptake, it looks like once the sense is knocked into him he’ll kick his butt into high gear.

As this story develops, I don’t want it to ever lose that flavor it has, that certain spicy-sweet taste that sets apart from other stories in it’s genre. With a cast like this, it’s almost guaranteed to go places that no shoujo has gone before and I’m ready for anything it throws at me.

And this ends the 11 day post series. I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you on New Year’s Eve for a years end post!

Random Stuff

  • I tried looking for this manga online to buy so I could have it/practice reading Japanese and it’s out of print everywhere. Why is that? It just came out in March for Pete’s sake and I don’t want to spend more on shipping than the book itself (I’m looking at you Amazon JP).
  • 2013 is looking good to me. 
  • Also 80th post, twenty more to go!

About Nishimura

An anime enthusiast who finds time to blog when she has no time to spare.
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2 Responses to 11 Days of Anime: 1 Story to End them All

  1. Justin says:

    Huh. It must not be selling so well if it is out of print…bizarre huh?

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