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To be Shy or Not to be Shy, that is the Question (Tamako Market 3)

I hate to get all internal and stuff on this subject (again for that matter), but it’s just one of those things that just nerves me. As somewhat of a prologue, I guess it’s a good idea to explain why … Continue reading

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Friends but Maybe Something More (Tamako Market 2)

I’ve taken notice that I have a soft spot for friendship anime (so soft that you could probably poke right through me). K-On is probably the pillar of it all, but there are many smaller examples that at times accomplishes … Continue reading

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The Power of Mochi

I for one have never tried mochi, but after watching a bit of KyoAni’s latest I’m more curious then ever. Of course it certainly helps that there’s a dash of slice of life and a pinch of romance, but the main course … Continue reading

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Movement in Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

“I’ll Slice you,” yells the hero, brandishing his sword over his head for a killing strike. “Then I’ll dodge,” says the demon king with a smile as she dips slightly to the right to avoid the oncoming blow,  “and say “hello” again.” … Continue reading

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