To be Shy or Not to be Shy, that is the Question (Tamako Market 3)

You're not suppose to catch the birdie. . .

You’re not suppose to catch the birdie. . .

I hate to get all internal and stuff on this subject (again for that matter), but it’s just one of those things that just nerves me. As somewhat of a prologue, I guess it’s a good idea to explain why I love Slice of life anime, and yes I’m bound to get emotional and sound somewhat pathetic.

I bet it’s not much of a stretch to believe that I was and probably still am an incredibly shy and introverted person. I wouldn’t say that it ruined my childhood or anything like that but one of the things I feel I missed out on as a result of my shyness was having true friends. Sure, I was an extremely polite kid, people could talk to me without problem (I actually had a few people come to me crying, I didn’t talk much so I was the perfect listener), but the same couldn’t be said for myself. I wasn’t friendless, but I was more of a wanderer. Every new year I would find someone new to fill the role of temporary ‘best friend’, but in the back of my head I just couldn’t stop thinking that I didn’t belong with them, that I was butting in somewhere I wasn’t welcomed.

As an outsider looking in, these three are damn near inapproachable (in my eyes anyway. Go Shiori go!

As an outsider looking in, these three are damn near inapproachable (in my eyes anyway). Go Shiori go!

So, long story short, my love for slice of life stems from the fact that it has what I lacked when I was in high school. It makes me wish that I had taken the initiative like Shiori to open up myself to others despite thinking that they may not value me as much as I did them. I may have found friends who would still be in my life today. I want to get to close to people but it makes me so damn anxious.

At the same time though, I have come to recognize that my introversion and shyness is a part of myself. I enjoy being alone most of the time, but for that 10% of the time I don’t I kind of wish I had a BF on speed dial.

Random Stuff

  • Found this interesting article on the types of shyness not to long ago. I figure I’m a  #4.
  • And poor Dera, he was denied love but he did help her out in the end. In the name of Love!


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