Being in Love with Love (Tamako Market 4)

*dies from cuteness overload*

*dies from cuteness overload*

I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed this, but every single episode so far of Tamako Market has had a romance subplot. I’m not complaining, romance is my staple after all. It’s something I wasn’t expecting but I am thrilled to see it handled in this way.

Like Tamako Market itself, the romance one finds within this show is lighthearted with an undertone of seriousness that makes it believable. Whether its poor Mochizou and his failed attempts at trying to get a somewhat dense Tamako to notice his feelings, Midori as she struggles to understand what exactly she’s going through, or the puppy love of Anko, these small budding relationships between these characters is what makes this show tick. Well, that and mochi.

Tamako Market - 04 - Large 35

You’re lucky she’s dense, Midori. . . Then again, maybe not.

However, these romances are just subplots, one of the many strings running through this slice of life show about a girl from a shopping district.  Even at this point, with only the small mention of searching for her mother’s song, there really is no overarching plot tying Tamako Market together, besides perhaps keeping the shopping district afloat. It’s true to it’s slice of life roots, that’s for sure but that in no way takes away from what we watch on a weekly basis. The strength of slice of life anime takes root in it’s characters and then blossoms as we slowly paint the world around them.

Aria, an anime hailed for it’s slice of life aspects, does this masterfully. We get to know the characters, learn of their quirks and aspirations and then watch them grow based upon the world they inhabit. So, with the small amount of episodes Tamako Market has at its disposal (compared to Aria’s staggering 52), perhaps the best way we can learn more of these people who make up Tamako Market is through the relationships they have with others.

Random Stuff

Tamako Market - 04 - Large 24

  • This is one fabulous max bird.
  • And oh my goodness, I think I just found my dream game: Fire Emblem Awakening. A game in which I can play matchmaker and never be disappointed. Too bad I still can’t play it yet.

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