That awkward moment when… (Tamako Market 5)

Tamako looks like she's all for a threesome...

Tamako looks like she’s all for a threesome…

Joking aside, what this episode boils down to is a love war between Mochizou and Midoru for Tamako’s heart. It’s treated in a comedic sort of way, with Midori stepping between Mochizou at every possible step. She even hurts poor Dera in the process but if you take a moment and step into her shoes, you’ll realize that Tamako is really the most important person to Midori.

Honestly, if this wasn’t a show directed by the same people who did the king of all happy go lucky shows (K-On if you didn’t catch my drift), and was a little bit more serious, Midori’s circumstances would not be a happy one. It would be like they squished Maria from Shin Sekai Yori and Moe from Tomodachi no Hanashi together and put her in a world where everything went against what she felt was love (recall that page I referenced from that manga not to long ago and what Maria said at the end of episode 18 of SSY? I see similarities….)

However, serious Tamako Market is not, well at least not in the sense I might want it. I just don’t want Midori’s feelings to be written off as something that has to due to her adolescence or as an object of titillation. The “she’s still young, she’ll figure out what true love is when she meets the man of her dreams.” Well, what if that person isn’t a man?

Tamako Market - 05 - Large 26

The way she looks at Tamako….

As the episode pass, this romance subplot confuses me more and more because I can’t help but feel it won’t go anywhere. Mochizou is too passive, Midori is too scared, and Tamako is too dense. I feel like this will either go one of two ways. Either this subplot will continue to be used for drama/laughs and we as an audience will be left to wonder the possible outcome or two, Mochizou will succeed thanks to perseverance and and a bit of begrudging help from a mentally defeated Midori.

Prove me wrong Tamako, prove me wrong.

Random Stuff

  • After a little bit of work and a little bit more time, my copies of Ore Monogatari have finally come in the mail. I can read all of it thanks to the furigana, though understanding it is a different matter. My goal with Japanese is to be able to read untranslated manga and boy to I got my work cut out for me.
  • Also, I bought a 3DS just so I could play Fire Emblem. Thank you job! Now if only Bravely Default Flying Fairy was localized….

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