What is and what is not (Tamako Market 6,7)

I was rooting for you! *cries hysterically*

I was rooting for you! *cries hysterically*

First off sorry for missing a week. Not only did I have my first exam, but I found that there wasn’t much to talk about in episode six (other than, how is a haunted house full of cute girls scary, I mean what is that even suppose to be anyway?). Episode seven on the other hand… Where do I start?

Back in episode two I was already rooting for Tomio and Sayuri. As a matter of fact, I had no doubt in my mind that they would eventually end up together. After this is Kyoani we’re talking about, the Feel Good King of Kings, done by the “happy ending is my middle name” group that gave birth to K-on. The way how we glimpsed Tomio’s feelings throughout the coming episodes only further fueled my thoughts that he was eventually going to get his happy ending. Even when Sayuri mentioned marriage my brain rewired it to mean that she was looking for that person to speak up and let their feelings be known. Realization hit me, though, when poor Tomio offered that small apologetic smile to Chio and said “Thank You (for making the person I love happy).”

Honestly I was taken aback for a moment, simply because no where in my mind had I contemplated the fact that these two young people might not eventually get together. Failure was not an option in my mind, I guess, but while I am somewhat more depressed about this then I should be (I mean they are only secondary characters), this bittersweet feeling I had after watching this episode made this episode so much more potent.

I feel bad for poor Tomio, but in reality he was passive, an admirer and wallflower that never took action and as a result he had the person he loved taken from him (not that he probably ever had her to begin with). It’s his own fault but the sad thing is that he in some way realizes that. All those things that could have been now become, “What if…”

Tamako Market - 07 - Large 11So, what does that say for our fortune teller, whose feelings were made obvious enough this episode? Compared to Tomio, she feels like there is no choice for her, there is no ‘what is’ only ‘what is not’ and that, depending on your view, is perhaps more damning than someone who had a chance but never took it. That’s not to say, however, that she does not have a choice. The status quo is simply and easy to follow, but the reward for taking a chance is that much greater. Is it then worth the risk if she were to fail? Trying though is better than simply watching.

Random Stuff

  • Uh ohhhh, It looks like Tamako’s going to dragged into some serious business… Midori, Mochizou, will you let the one you love be taken away from you? *dramatic music plays*
  • And oh my goodness, the new preview for Hal looks amazing. I’m going to love this movie. Not to mention Shinkai’s newest is quite the feast for the eyes. Is that Kana Hanazawa I hear? Yes, yes it is.

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