You on a Diet (Tamako Market 8)

Now that's just cruel.

Now that’s just cruel.

Another week and another Tamako Market pass by. In some way that’s a good thing, but for poor Dera it means less food. I’m not one to judge, my favorite part of the day (besides the time where I watch anime/play addicting video games) is mostly likely lunch. It’s that time around two (or four or one depending on the day, damn you  school!) where I sit down to have the best thing man kind has invented, the turkey sandwich. There are days where I actually have it for both lunch and dinner but nevertheless, I enjoy every single bite (well, unless it’s honey smoked turkey, I’m not a big fan of that version).

To me a turkey sandwich is a bit of a comfort food. It’s something that tastes good and my rather troublesome stomach deems it far worthy enough not to cause problems. To Dera, mochi is probably like that for him and not being able to eat it would probably be quite terrible. Having people eat it in front of me would be pure torture.

I'd probably look something like this.

I’d probably look something like this.

Food talk aside, the plot looks like it was put on hold for the time being. The revelation of last weeks episode of Tamako being ‘the one’ was glanced over in favor of Dera’s diet problems (oh the nostalgia). We’ve got about four episodes to go and it looks like we might actually see the prince in person soon. Will Kyoani go for a twist and pull the carpet from underneath us, or will the Prince join the other unlucky candidates vying for Tamako’s heart?

Random Stuff

  • I’ve been meaning to do some manga posts since I’ve been reading quite a few good ones lately but with midterms this week, those will have to wait until next week when I’m out for spring break. 
  • I’ve been playing Studio Ghibli’s Ni No Kuni lately. While it’s fun at times, there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on that’s keeping me from really enjoying it….

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