The Story behind the Story (Tamako Market 9)

What I wouldn't give to see a show about these two. Take my money!

What I wouldn’t give to see a show about these two. Take my money! (I’d throw in extra if their friends got paired off too)

At long last we are treated to a glimpse of the past in episode nine of Tamako Market. It was short and yet very sweet and gave just enough for me to come away from this episode satisfied with the conclusion of this particular plot thread. It is a touching vignette that could quite possibly be a story all it’s own, and you could bet money that I’d love every minute of it.

So, Tamako’s mother and father were high school sweethearts, awkward ones at that but it’s what makes them special. It’d take quite the amount of effort to ignore their glaringly blatant cuteness and overall perfectness for each other, but just in case you missed it, the product of their love can be found perfectly in Tamako and Anko.

However, I personally found it hard to ignore that small inkling of depression coming from Mamedai. It’s no secret that he misses her a lot. Simply imagine him listening to Tamako hum the song he wrote for Hinako, reminding him of the day he sang it to the one he loved, and that his wife isn’t here to watch her daughters grow up and witness just how much they resemble her. It’s awfully bittersweet, but that’s what makes it poignant.

Can you say "d'aawwwww"

Can you say “d’aawwwww”

And then there’s these two.  If Hinako was anywhere near as dense as her daughter, then the only way Mochizou is going to get through to Tamako is probably to belt out a song himself (unless, of course, our dense female lead somehow thought it was for someone else). It be nice if Mochizou picked up a few clues from his soon to be father-in-law, considering how much Tamako adores her dad. Like mother like daughter after all, she isn’t going to be an easy catch, especially if you have Midori on your tail.

Random Stuff

  • Can you imagine what Mochizou would be like when and if Tamako accepts to being his girlfriend? If he was crying from her remembering his birthday, he’d probably go into cardiac arrest or something.

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