The truth is revealed (Tamako Market 10)

And the cat's out of the bag.

And the cat’s out of the bag.

So, the plot was finally set into motion thanks to Choi, though whether or not Tamako will take it seriously is another question altogether. I’m pretty sure Choi’s declaration will be brushed aside as simply a mistake until perhaps the prince himself shows up to either confirm or deny this new revelation. However, according to the preview, I’d say there is little chance of that happening. He’s more likely going to be thrown in at the end to provide that cliffhanger for the final episode.

Tamako Market - 10 - Large 36

What would I personally like to see in the final episodes of Tamako Market? Well, besides everyone getting their happy ever after, I would actually like to get some more out of our heroine herself. Like most dense yet genki female leads, she’s not really built for character development. She’s sort of there for everyone else to bounce off of. She’s like the cornerstone of Tamako Market, and if you change the focal point of something everything around it must change as well.

I’m not sure how much of a change KyoAni can accomplish in two episodes but hopefully more plot threads will be resolved than not. I’m secretly hoping Choi gathers the courage, thanks to her new friends, to speak up against the social constrictors holding her back from happiness.  I hope that after all this development, Midori finally comes to term with herself and decides that her happiness is her own. Finally I hope the whole prince business is enough to spur Mochizou into action. It’s about time he gave Tamako all those presents.

Random Stuff

  • Well, the new anime season was revealed, and nothing in particular strikes my fancy. Don’t get me wrong, I ‘ll be watching stuff for sure, there’s just little chance of me blogging anything. Perhaps I’ll make the Spring 2013 season manga centered?

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3 Responses to The truth is revealed (Tamako Market 10)

  1. nyaataku says:

    O_O Is Tamako Market going to end in episode 12??! Oh nooo! And I was just getting into it T^T
    Let’s hope Choi finally confesses to the prince. They make a great pairing 🙂
    Yes, it is really about time Mochizou gives her all those presents XD

    • Nishimura says:

      I know, one cour seasons really stink 😦

      I really hope at least one couple has a happy ending. That’ all I’m asking.

      • nyaataku says:

        Yes, agreed. T_T I mean the little glasses dude even had to leave the town.
        I hope Mochizou come up with the courage to confess to Tamako. Or maybe we’ll see a twsit? Tamako confessing to Mochi-kun XD
        We also have the prince and Choi! Heck, even Dura and Shiori will make me happy.

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