Putting the Tamako in Tamako Market (Tamako Market 11)

Tamako Market - 11 - Large 02

What I wouldn’t give to be in a tropical paradise right now. Where are you Spring?!

I found myself pleasantly surprised several times during the semi-final episode of Tamako Market.  Even the ending, an event which I had guessed would happen, came across much better than I had predicted, resulting in one of those ‘oh my goodness’ gasps that shows the show is doing something right. So, what was the secret ingredient this episode that made it truly sparkle? Tamako herself, that’s who.

Tamako Market - 11 - Large 26Perhaps the reason why we haven’t seen much development in our main character is because she was never challenged. Now, I don’t mean that in the sense of a fight or epic sword duel, but more along the lines of her state of being. Tamako is shown to be this incredibly fun loving girl. At the very least it’d probably take the destruction of the Usagi Shopping district for there to be a change in her character. Even with the unusual amount of meteors lately, the probability of that happening is nil to none. However, her happiness is now threatened with the introduction of the prince. Though it’s not entirely the prince’s fault even if he is the cause.

Everyone in the shopping district wants Tamako to be happy and it’s a heartwarming sight to see them concerned about her well being. However, they’re failing to take into account her own feelings and as a result Tamako is feeling a bit left out of the equation. The people of Usagi market have Tamako’s best interests at heart, but they’re going about it the wrong way. If they just let the girl voice her own thoughts they may come to realize she’s quite happy right where she is.

The crowning moment of heartwarming goes to.....

The crowning moment of heartwarming goes to…..

Also, as a result of the progressing plot, we got to witness the most heartwarming moment to date, when a lonely Anko invites Tamako over for a sleepover, one that might actually be their last. While it was always evident that they were sisters, that scene really showed their closeness to each other hasn’t been explored to it’s fullest thanks to the story’s interest in romance, but that one scene was all they needed to cement their relationship.

Random Stuff

  • The prince looks quite dashing in all black. . . though that scarf may be a bit too big for him. Don’t let him slip away, Choi-chan.
  • And gosh darnit Mochizou, take charge for once in your life!
  • Lastly, and somewhat off topic, why do blankets and sweaters in KyoAni shows all look so fluffy and warm? It’s magic, isn’t it?

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