All’s well that ends well (Tamako Market 12)

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Let’s get the main thing out of the way first, I can’t say that I’m completely satisfied with the ending of Tamako Market. While I didn’t go in expecting perfection, looking back on my past experiences with shows under the wing of Kyoani, I couldn’t help but want something more. That’s not to say there weren’t moments in this episode that made me react emotionally, it’s just it feels like there is so much more to Tamako Market that we’re probably going to get and that makes me just a bit sad.

Tamako Market - 12 - Large 12

Kyoani does subtly really well. It’s that moment when everything just goes silent and the world is just slightly askew, when I think, “Kyoani, you’re brilliance is showing.” It’s a shame though that they don’t do it more often, but I understand that seriousness is not something that their aiming for most of the time. They do their slice of life well, so when something tried and true works why stop? The potentially bad thing is that at some point things will start to go stale and a part of the Tamako Market’s ending suffers from that.

Oh, the whole thing about Tamako being a princess, that’s just a misunderstanding. The potential development set up by the previous episode just kind of dwindles when Tamako is back within her shopping district to live a happy life. Granted she made the choice before finding out it was a misunderstanding, but I don’t think we’ve learned anything new about her.


While I may have not enjoyed the final episode as much I wanted, there were still moments that made me think the overall experience was worth it. The ending while somewhat vague, hints that Choi actually might be the princess but the question of why she isn’t taking advantage it still hangs. It’s like destiny is telling her to seek happiness despite social standing and I really hope she takes that chance. As for Mochizou, well, any step forward is a step in the right direction. All he needs now is a dash more of courage and he should be well on his way to his own happiness.

Overall, Tamako Market is an enjoyable show, but perhaps what it suffers from is lack of time. It feels as if this ending is merely a starting point for some characters and it’s kind of disappointing not being able to see what will happen to them. I guess the only thing I can hope for then is a sequel.

Random Stuff

  • I’ve been kind of disappointed with most of the ending this season for some reason. First there was Robotics;Notes and then Maoyuu (which is in desperate need of a sequel) Hmmmm, hopefully this isn’t a running trend.
  • And thank God Mochizou finally gave Tamako her birthday present. It’s about damn time.

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7 Responses to All’s well that ends well (Tamako Market 12)

  1. otakuperson says:

    The whole time I was waiting for Choi to tell the prince that she loved him. I thought she was actually in love with him but didn’t say any thing because it was also her job to find the prince’s bride. I don’t know if it’s just me thinking that, but that’s what it looked like to me. Also at the ending I didn’t want Tamoko to go, or when Dera had to go.( Dera may be annoying but we still love him) I hope the do another season but they could choose to end it there and I would be completely fine with that. I would have to say the ending was good, it wasn’t spectacular but I enjoyed it!

    • Nishimura says:

      I think that’s the main reason why Choi chooses not to say anything. It’s like she has an inferiority complex based upon her standing in the household which causes her to remain quiet about her being the potential princess despite the signs.

      And Dera, he proved to be quite the little lovable fluff ball. Sure, he may say he stays for the free mochi but Tamako and her family have left a really big impression on him, one he won’t soon forget. Here’s hoping for another season, perhaps one with just a bit more closure.

  2. nyaataku says:

    😦 I agree. I wanted a little more in Tamako Market but after constantly following the episodes I knew it wouldn’t happen. I still had my hopes up however….but yet again I was left with no couple pairing. Noooooooo~ T^T

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