Anime Boston 2013 day 1


Coming to you live from my brother’s apartment, welcome to the summary of day 1 of Anime Boston 2013. While my initial impression may be somewhat more pessimistic than I had expected (I forgot that riding on a cramped train wasn’t fun) it still seems like this year will be one to remember.

To start off, this morning neither my brother or I had our outfits together, which ended up resulting in a quick trip to the local Iparty to pick up a pail and shovel and then to an American Apparel for a T-shirt. With our problems solved, we made it just in time for the opening of the dealers room. We spent an hour or so wandering around the dealers room gawking at how expensive things were and then made our way to the Aniplex panel on the second floor.


waiting in line for Aniplex

Now, the Aniplex panel was a bit disappointing, only because their exclusive announcements were just dates on releases we were already aware of. Sword Art Online (which I hate to admit I’ll probably pick up), Blue Excorist, Fate/Zero, and Oreimo, things we (or at least I) already new they would be releasing sooner or later.

The panel I was looking forward to, Japanese Fairytales, was full to capacity, and I wasn’t able to get in. As a result we made one more round through the dealers room and I decided to get a few things.

Day 1 anime swag

Day 1 anime swag

The moment I laid eyes on the fluffy penguins from Mawaru Penguin drum I knew I wasn’t going to leave without at least one. I decided on #2 because he’s cute, but If I feel compelled #3 will be next, though it’s unlikely since they were $22 and I still haven’t bought my yearly anime key chain (which are usually around $10). Asuka was an impulse buy, but she was only $40 and I got the last one, so horay!

After that we left, since it was raining and we didn’t want to get stuck walking home in a downpour.

Tomorrow, besides spending more money (I’ll be picking up some dvds and manga), I’ll most likely be at the Sentai and Funimation Industry panels,  but there is a Swordsmanship panel that I would love to go to, so that may change things.

Anyway that’s all for day 1, until tomorrow so long!

Random Stuff

  • No standout cosplays yet, anime wise anyway. there was a really cool Link from Zelda that I could of sworn I saw last year
  • This year didn’t quite seem as packed as usual, probably because of the recent happenings in Boston.

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