Anime Boston 2013 day 2


Day 2 of anime Boston 2013 is just about to come to a close. Overall it was an eventful and exciting day, filled with all things anime. But as usual, my brother and I began our day in the dealer’s room.

We decided that we’d spend an hour or so wandering around before we attended the Swordsmanship panel. We decided to forgo Sentai filmworks and Funimation industry panels and it turned out to actually be time well spent.

Excuse the crappy photography, I still don't have the hang of it.

Check out my awesome photography guys.

It was a rather simple panel about swordsmanship like kendo for example, but the speaker, David Lee, made the panel exciting. He had some cosplayers come up to the stage to demonstrate a few simple techniques for the audience. There was also an entertaining board breaking demonstrations by fellow attendees (the dragonball gang was by far the most entertaining). Because of recent events however, Lee was unable to bring actual weapons to the panel, but the audience didn’t seem to mind all that much.

day 2 anime swag

day 2 anime swag

Following the panel, we took one last tour through the dealer’s room and it was at this moment that I made the bulk of my purchases. Crown of love has been on my radar for quite some time now, but it has had the misfortune of lying dormant in my amazon shopping cart for the better of two years, so when I noticed the pack of 4 for only $20 I couldn’t say no. Kieli was also something I had  took notice of and since I was a bit spend happy after buying Crown of Love, I thought “why not.” However it was at that moment I had remembered one of the things I really wanted to look for this Anime Boston and that was Cat Paradise. After usually coming across it on websites and it being out of stock I was pretty excited, so hopefully it will live up to my expectations. Lastly was FMP: Fumoffu, something I have already seen but have been dying to rewatch.

And that basically wraps things up. It was super crowded today, so there was a tiny scare when we thought we wouldn’t make it to the panel because of bag checks, but everything work out nice. Whether or not I will be attending tomorrow is still up in the air ( I still haven’t even checked if I’m scheduled on Monday for work). I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Random Stuff

  • I had an embarrassing brain fart today when I thought 35 dollars was actually 30 dollars. The lady behind the stand looked like she thought I had gone insane. Hey, I was only five dollars off.

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