Anime Boston 2013 day 3

So long, Anime Boston. It was fun.

So long, Anime Boston. It was fun.

After giving it a little thought, I came to the decision that it would be absolute blasphemy not to attend the final day of Anime Boston. As a result my brother and I got up at 9:30 to spend a few final hours enjoying the convention. I’m glad we went.

Our original plan was to wander around until the premier re-screening of the first two dub episodes of Sword Art Online (cause you know like to torture myself). However, after heading to the specified room we were confronted with quite the obstacle. The scheduled had been changed. With nothing to go on and no idea where to start looking, we instead decided to watch the last thirty minutes of the Cosplay Chess Match. It was a blast, to put it in a nutshell (I enjoyed it more than my brother since he told me the only character he recognized was Haku from Spirited away). I wish I had seen the whole thing though.

(For those of you interested, the whole chess match should be put up on youtube soon. I know I’ll be watching what I missed)

Anime swag day 3

Anime swag day 3

Finally, after the last chess piece had been dealt with, my brother and I made one last walk around the dealers room. I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to purchase a Vincent Valentine action figure. I was so close, but once I figured out I’d be fifty cents short after tax (damn tax!!!) I figured it was a sign. My brother was willing to help out, but with a new version not to far off in the horizon, I figured it was for the best. My brother did get me the Morgiana key chain however, as a late birthday gift. Makeshift Miracle was a book I noticed on the first day of the con, however its twenty dollar price tag deterred me despite its beauty. On the final day, though, I was lucky enough to come across a vendor that was selling all manga half off. Rurouni Kenshin was my last purchase of the convention and with it safely tucked in my bag, we headed back home.

I also want to take the time to highlight my two favorite artists from the Artists Alley. Like in 2012, I didn’t end up buying anything but I was really close.


artist: Blix-it

Fun fact: Ninetales and subsequently vulpix are my favorite pokemon ever and as a result I instantly fell in love with this print. Despite such a  limited color palette, this water color painting was bursting with life, something which a jpeg image cannot simply replicate. Looking back I regret not picking up the large print, but what’s done is done.

Newsha-ghasemi was actually the featured artist of this years convention and for good reason. All of the art on display at table 71 was great, but this piece stole the cake. Romance gets me every time.

Overall, despite the slow start, Anime Boston 2013 turned out to be just as fun if not more than 2012. I was still a bit to shy to take pictures of Cosplayers, but I can check off attending different panels.  Hopefully next year I’ll have to the opportunity to muster up the courage to ask for a picture. Anime Boston 2014, bring it on.

Random Stuff

  • I went to Anime Boston 2013 with $220 worth of spending money. I came back with $40.
  • Light Up Samurai ended up being my favorite cosplayer. I had my mind set that if I saw him on the final day, I’d ask for a picture. Sadly, I did not run into him again.
  • Anime Boston 2014 is looking rather grim. With my brother off to London for graduate school, I will be without a place to stay. I’ve got some time to work things out, though.

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